Troy Polamalu Video: Watch DWTS Champion Hines Ward Show Steelers How to Move

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 18, 2011

The Pittsburgh Steelers got their groove back. They can thank the Titans and Jaguars for laying down in the last couple weeks, as well as Hines Ward, who has all the moves. 

While filming a commercial for Head & Shoulders, the Pittsburgh Steelers took some time out to learn a few things about team chemistry, camaraderie and the tango. 

Ward is a master of dance. It's a good thing because he seems to have lost the ability to be a master wide receiver. 

In this epic video, we find Ward giving some dance lessons to the toughest guys in the world. Troy Polamalu has played hurt and inflicted pain on others, yet he seems to be doing quite well in what looks like a debutante dance. I have never seen a more manly sashay in my life.

Then came defensive end Brett Keisel to really show these punks how it's done. The grizzly man with the sickest beard in the league did the leading as Ward taught him how to move. The towering Keisel finished off the flurry of dazzling delights by dipping his wide receiver to the laughter of the few people fortunate enough to see this in person.

I fully expect an insecure nation to guffaw at these dandies, but the joke is on you. The best way to get back to winning is to create a little fun in the locker room. These guys are having a blast and are back to becoming the most feared team in the NFL

I dare any one of you to make fun of these three players, because any of them could rip your head off in one swift motion. Then they would celebrate with a dainty dance. 

Fear the Steelers indeed. 

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