Will Oscar De La Hoya Ever Go Away?

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008

I am not a huge fan of boxing but I love a good fight.  I have not watched a bout this year and most years I catch three big fights tops, but even I knew what the outcome of this fight was going to be.  How? Because I cannot remember the last time De la Hoya won a big fight. 

I heard the hype on ESPN and everyone talking about how big a fight this was going to be and I could not believe that people were buying into the hype again and spend theirmoney to watch De la Hoya disappoint them once more.  Even if you hate De la Hoya he has lost so many big fights, watching him lose another one cannot be much of a thrill anymore.

Throw in his Prima Donna status, what other losing fighter consistently demands the big share for a rematch? Well, it is time for him and boxing to separate ways. But that starts with us, we have to stop caring and most importantly we have to stop paying. 

If you are one of the Loyal De La Hoya fans let me say first, I am sorry and second he does not deserve you, your loyalty or your money.  Athletes are paid to perform and when they cant anymore it is time for them to stop getting paid and De la Hoya is well past this point.  Can he still box? Yes, but he has no business doing it at the championship level and he has not for the past decade but we keep paying to see him.