Duke vs. New ACC Rival Syracuse: Which School Has the Greater Hoops History?

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIIOctober 19, 2011

Duke vs. New ACC Rival Syracuse: Which School Has the Greater Hoops History?

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    Conference realignment is shaking up the college basketball landscape, with the biggest move so far being the Syracuse Orange and Pittsburgh Panthers joining the Duke Blue Devils in the ACC.

    The new ACC contains two incredible programs, and it's time we decide which truly has the better history.

    Duke and Syracuse will be featured in conference rivalries when Syracuse joins in a little over two years, but their first rivalry starts by looking backwards.

    That rivalry begins now.

Success in College

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    The Blue Devils have won four NCAA Championships, which is the fifth most all-time.  They have gone 1,994-870 in their history (the fourth most wins all-time), made it to 35 NCAA tournaments, won 22 regular conference titles and 24 conference tournaments.

    Duke has also gone 94-30 in the NCAA tournament for a winning percentage of .758, which is the highest all-time. 



    The Orange have only won one NCAA Championship, but they won two National titles before the tournament was invented.

    They have made it to 34 NCAA tournaments, won eight regular season conference titles and five conference tournaments.

    The Orange have gone 1,810-819 in their history, winning the fifth most games all-time.


    Advantage: Duke

Success in the NBA

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    While there may not be an NBA season right now, it's still worth looking at how these programs prepare their kids for the next level. 



    The Blue Devils' success in the NBA goes as far as Grant Hill, Carlos Boozer and Elton Brand.  Some of their best players ever like J.J. Redick (all-time leading scorer), Bobby Hurley (all-time assists leader) and Shelden Williams (all-time leading rebounder) have not found success in the NBA.

    Boozer and Hill were solid at Duke, but many of its NBA stars did not play long in college.  Brand only played two seasons, and other notable NBA players (including Luol Deng and Kyrie Irving in the future) from Duke only played one season. 



    The best NBA player in Syracuse history is easily Carmelo Anthony, whose legend is still being written.  He is an absolute star, and he's easily the best NBA player either school has produced.

    After him, the Orange still have a few good NBA players, but recruiting players who usually play three or four years can hurt them in this category.

    Syracuse has produced a lot of NBA talent—probably better talent than Duke has. 


    Advantage: Syracuse


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    Fan sections always pump their teams up during the game, and traditions are simply a part of history. This is another very important category for these teams. 



    The Syracuse Orange have several of the top 10 attendances for a basketball game because of the massive Carrier Dome, located right on campus by the quad.

    The Carrier Dome is always rocking because of the crazy students, and their attendance levels make them one of the best fanbases in the nation. 



    The Cameron Crazies are just insane.  They are simply the best student section out there, period. 

    In a previous ranking of the top 25 student sections in the nation, I ranked them No. 1 over Syracuse's No. 7.

    The Crazies have arguably the best chants, signs and traditions, and for a full account of those traditions, click here.

    Did I mention they have Speedo-Man? 


    Advantage: Duke

Anything Else?

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    Did I miss anything?  If I did, feel free to let me know in the comment box, and your suggestion could make it onto this list.

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