Texas Longhorns Resume Much More Impressive Than Gators

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008

This year, the SEC has became what the big 12 usually is, a two-team top-heavy conference.  

So through no fault of their own, Florida has one signature win, Alabama.  Georgia and LSU have disappointed thoroughly and though early it looked like a few new contenders would emerge, they got exposed once conference play started.

The Big 12 is a four team race this year.  Ok State may of been able to win a few conferences this year, but finished a distant fourth in their own division. Texas had as good of an argument as Oklahoma or Tech to be in the Big 12 championship game and if the tiebreaker went to them instead of OU they would be the champs based on how easily they beat Missouri earlier in the year.

Florida currently has one win over a top 15 team, Alabama.  Texas has two, OU and Ok State. Florida lost to an unranked team at home.  Texas lost to a top ten team on the road.  Florida beat today's number one team, Alabama.  Texas has already beat tomorrow's number one team, Oklahoma.  Florida is their conference champion, Texas was only stopped from completing that feat by the fifth tie breaker in their conference.   

The SEC may still be the better conference top to bottom, but no one cares about the bottom and the Big 12 is definitely stronger this year at the top. 

Tomorrow, if fair is fair in college football, and we all no it is not, Texas should be No. 2 in the BCS.