BYU Cougars Find Success in Consistency

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008

While it was not necessarily the same game as the last few in terms of individual results, the team result was the same and ultimately that is what really matters.

Utah State figured to be the biggest test of the year to this point, and they did not disappoint. BYU had every opportunity to run away with this one, but Utah State refused to go away. They kept fighting and took it to the wire.

Luckily for BYU, they are a team and not a one-man show, because the one-man show known as Lee Cummard was not very good tonight. He would be the first to tell you it is the team that matters, but it is stupid to think he wouldn’t be bothered by such a poor outing.

The major upside of Cummard is even if he isn’t contributing with stats, he is still the leader of the team and will get them all going.

In past years if the team leader struggled, the whole team struggled. It seems to me that this year they are much better at stepping up and making something happen when one guy is off.

It helps that this team has a lot more weapons than they did in the past. On any given night almost any of the top six could go out and drop 20 points. That is a huge advantage to have. In much the same way the football team had many options and was difficult to shut down, this team can go in a lot of different directions and be successful.

It is this balance and team effort that gives me confidence that this year will be different and they can actually win a game or two in March.

We should know a lot more about how likely that is after Jan. 3, when Wake Forest comes to Provo.