In Other News...Carlos Guillen to Move...AGAIN

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 6, 2008

Carlos Guillen will be starting '09 in left field for the Tigers.  He will play winter ball to get used to the position.  It is his first time playing December Baseball since 2005.

Guillen doesn't have a clause in his contract saying he cannot play, but for "other reasons" required permission from the Tigers to play this winter. While rumors persisted out of Venezuela for the past month that Guillen might play, club officials downplayed the possibility, saying he had not approached them about it.

That changed recently, when Guillen approached them about the idea as a way for him to get accustomed to the outfield.

"Maybe at the end of December," Guillen wrote in an e-mail from his home, "because I need to play left field."

In other news...Tigers are eyeing veteran infielder Adam Everett to fill the hole Renteria left at Shortstop after signing with the Giants.