NFL Picks Week 7: Best Survivor Picks

Jake SilverCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2011

NFL Picks Week 7: Best Survivor Picks

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    Every week in the NFL, there are a few games played where the ubiquitous opinion for the outcome lies with a singular team in each contest.

    Fans spend the middle weeks of the season frantically trying to decide who to use for their survivor pools as a single wrong pick will eliminate a contestant.

    Some weeks, there is a plethora of mismatched games where one team will be easy to choose for the win.

    Other weeks, survivor players are forced to choose the NFL's elite like the Green Bay Packers, or pick against the dregs, like the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Week 7 is fraught with this type of situation.

    Here are the only teams you can safely pick with confidence for the seventh week of the 2011 NFL season.

4. Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints

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    The winless Indianapolis Colts suck. Plain and simple.

    The New Orleans Saints are one of the NFL's most dangerous teams, and are now coming off of a loss to the divisional rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Curtis Painter might actually manage to win the Colts a game this season, but not against a Saints team playing to keep themselves atop their division, a spot they now share with the rival Buccaneers.

    If you haven't used your Saints pick, this is pretty safe. Suck for Luck, Indy.

    Winner: New Orleans Saints

3. St. Louis Rams @ Dallas Cowboys

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    The 2011 Dallas Cowboys have proved to us that they are ANYTHING but a useful team for the survivor pool.

    They are just as likely to win a game 28-3 as they are to blow a two touchdown lead in under five minutes, or squeak out a gutsy overtime win. If you have used your Dallas pick already, you're probably out of the pool.

    However, Week 7 should be the one truly safe week to roll with America's Team. Coming off yet another disappointing loss, they are hosting the hapless St. Louis Rams.

    Normally, winless teams are dangerous, and with fully healthy rosters, this is actually a really good game.

    However, quarterback Sam Bradford has a high ankle sprain, meaning career backup quarterback A.J Feeley will be taking the reigns of a Rams offense who's best weapon joined the team today in Brandon Lloyd.

    The Cowboys are basically looking at a must-win game seeing as they trail the NFC East-leading New York Giants by two games.

    Their desperation and the Rams' injury devastation should make for a gimme in this one.

    Winner: Dallas Cowboys

2. Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

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    This is one really obvious pick, and the smart money says that most of you have already used your Green Bay Packers survivor pick for 2011.

    If you haven't, now is as good a time as ever to use it. This team is still easily the NFL's best, and they are looking primed for another deep playoff run, but even they aren't likely to hit the 16-0 mark.

    With each passing week, they get closer to an eventual loss, but Week 7 will not be when that occurs.

    The Minnesota Vikings stank enough through six weeks, but now with a quarterback controversy brewing at 1-5, even their home crowd won't be enough to save them from Aaron Rodgers and the electric Green Bay offense.

    This is one of the easiest picks you'll ever see. Use it if you've got it.

    Winner: Green Bay Packers

1. Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Yeah yeah, another top team for survivor. Given the Week 7 lineup, it's a lot more obvious than it would be even under normal circumstances.

    The Baltimore Ravens are playing at an incredibly high level.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing at such a dismal level, you have to pity them.

    This one is essentially a lock.

    If you haven't picked the Ravens yet, feel free to do it now.