Fantasy Football Week 7: 6 Players to Buy or Sell Before Your Trade Deadline

Shawn SottosantiContributor IIIOctober 18, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 7: 6 Players to Buy or Sell Before Your Trade Deadline

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    A lot of you are in the same position right now.

    We're nearing the halfway point in the regular season, and you're all looking for that big move to put you over the top and guide you to your fantasy championship.

    To help all of you dedicated fantasy football players out there, I am sharing my fantasy football wisdom so you can get your season-changing deal done.

Buy: Tim Tebow

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    Of course, we start this segment with the almighty and all-powerful Tim Tebow.

    Football fans (especially the relentless ones in Denver) have been waiting for him to be named the starter all season, and it will pay dividends for your team if you can get him in your lineup.

    The Broncos are not a very good team, which will force Tebow to throw a lot late in games and pick up a lot of points in garbage time.

    Overall, his passing numbers won't be outstanding, but his running ability should counteract some of his passing woes.

    The trade of Brandon Lloyd hurts his stock a little, but not enough to get you to stay away.

Sell: Fred Jackson

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    Now I know for a lot of you Fred Jackson has been an absolute stud—if not a godsend—but his stock has gone up so much since Week 1 that you can almost get any player you'd need for him.

    Most managers will be inclined to hold onto Jackson—which isn't a bad move either—but I suggest trying to pull a fast one on one of your rivals and get a boatload for him.

    Also, Fred Jackson is 30 years old, and we all know what we've heard about those aging running backs.

Buy: A.J Green

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    Coming into the year, not many people valued A.J Green due to his situation.

    He's a rookie wide receiver with a rookie quarterback and no consistent threat across the field from him.

    All he's done in his first six games in Cincinnati is put up 453 yards receiving with four touchdowns.

    Green has an excellent rapport with Andy Dalton, which has helped put him near the top of the league in targets.

    He does still have to face Pittsburgh and Baltimore twice this season, but his talent is undeniable and he should be a very good No. 2 receiver option the rest of the season.

Sell: Michael Vick

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    Last season, Michael Vick was an absolute revelation who won a lot of his owners championships.

    This year, he is putting up some good fantasy numbers, but every Sunday his owners also let out a collective gasp hoping he doesn't go down with yet another injury.

    At various points in almost every game this year, Vick has had to be removed, and eventually I feel his luck will run out and a more serious injury will occur.

    He still is a big name and will rake in a huge bounty from a team desperate for a quarterback, and you would be getting rid of a serious injury waiting to happen.

    Sell Vick immediately.

Buy: Brandon Pettigrew

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    In a tale of one injury-prone quarterback to another, the former MVP of the IR Matthew Stafford is healthy and showing why he was a No. 1 overall pick.

    With teams starting to double-cover Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, it will leave a more-than-capable Pettigrew with plenty of opportunities.

    Also in his favor is a concussion to PPR-hero Jahvid Best. Concussions aren't fun, but this will actually help Pettigrew's value, at least in the short-term.

    Over the next two or three weeks, you will see Stafford throw downfield more, and you'll see receptions shift from one safety net (Best) to another in Pettigrew.

Sell: Ahmad Bradshaw

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    Looking at this picture alone, Bradshaw owners go to a wonderful place in their head where their running back owns the 1-yard line.

    In reality, that is the ideal job for Brandon Jacobs, who was inactive on Sunday.

    Fantasy football managers are known to deal for the hot commodity, and right now Bradshaw is the ultimate example of that.

    Although he is still a valuable player, Bradshaw will assume his normal role in a week or two and be used more in between the 20s than near the goal line.

Honorable Mentions

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    If you diehard managers aren't satisfied I'll throw you guys a bone and just list one or two more, just because I'm such a nice guy.

    Buy                                                                                           Sell

    Darren Sproles                                                              Beanie Wells
    Michael Crabtree                                                           Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Thank you all for reading, feel free to voice your opinions and questions for your upcoming fantasy football matchups!