The Tide Rolls...Over: Florida Gators Go for Gold with "Golden Boy" Tim Tebow

Carson HowellCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008

Two very talented teams took shots at each other in the SEC championship game Saturday evening. The Crimson Tide moved the ball effectively in coach Nick Saban's version of smash-mouth football.

Alabama looked to be cruising to a title with numerous, consistent lengthy drives.

The Florida Gators looked lethargic and seemed to be be missing Percy Harvin, post their first scoring drives, and were forced to punt the skin. Their punting unit has seen little action in recent outings, due to the Gators' explosive spread attack.

Up by four points, Tim Tebow's pass to his roommate Riley Cooper for six points solidified an SEC title and a very surprising two-score win, 31-20.

Tebow may not have the best quarterback numbers in the country, be he is by far the fiercest competitor and should be at least considered for another Heisman.

Tebow, once again, upheld his promise to Gator Nation to play harder and push his team more than any other player in the country.

Tebow and Co. were watching the Big 12 championship game Saturday night to scout the team they will play in Miami.