Washington Redskins Week 6: A Few Answers, or Questions, After Sunday's Game

Paddy MillerContributor IIIOctober 17, 2011

Washington Redskins Week 6: A Few Answers, or Questions, After Sunday's Game

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    The Washington Redskins lost to the Philadelphia Eagles, 20-13, on Sunday afternoon, dropping a game in which they could have sealed the fate of their NFC East rivals.

    However, the Eagles were resilient and at times impressive taking a 20-3 lead at halftime. Philadelphia would attempt to sit on the lead and play a more ball control-oriented game while the Redskins struggled to come back during the second half.

    In fact, Washington would not even start to threaten the Eagles until Mike Shanahan pulled Rex Grossman for backup John Beck after Grossman’s fourth interception of the game.

    It was Beck who led the offense down the field early in the fourth quarter to make it a one possession game, but the Redskins were unable to threaten after that and were eventually defeated.

    Let’s take a look at a few things we learned, or need to ask, about the Redskins in Sunday’s rivalry game against the Eagles.

Weak Run Defense?

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    LeSean McCoy rushed for a game-high 126 yards and Michael Vick piled on an extra 54 as the Eagles racked up 11 first downs by way of the ground compared to just two by the Redskins.


    While one does not expect the Eagles to primarily run the ball on a balanced attack, they did it to remarkable success on Sunday afternoon.


    McCoy does average 5.4 yards a carry and the Redskins held him under that. However, one of the most frustrating parts of watching Sunday was when the Eagles were fluently moving the ball in the first half.

John Beck Should Start at Quarterback

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    John Beck came in and gave FedEx Field spectators the most excitement they had all day.

    Rex Grossman has looked more and more susceptible to turnovers, and Mike Shanahan saw the last one in the game before the fourth quarter yesterday in giving him the hook.

    Beck looked more mobile and a bit more confident in the pocket than Grossman on Sunday. Can this be the first time we can logically compare the two since this is the first time we have seen them in regular season competition?

    Rex Grossman had several chances to get Washington back in the game, but it was Beck who didn't throw the interceptions when given those chances.  

Who Is the Best in the NFC East?

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    The New York Giants, who looked like they were destined for a last place finish in the division, defeated the Buffalo Bills yesterday.

    The Eagles, who were in a must-win situation against the ‘Skins yesterday, came away with one.

    The Dallas Cowboys hung in against New England, but eventually lost to yet another Tom Brady final two-minute drive.

    The only thing we get out of the game on Sunday for Washington at Carolina is more questions. Who will start at quarterback next week? Will the big play defense return? Will they be able to handle Cam Newton?

Week 7

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    The questions won’t get answered during the week and probably won’t be after next week’s game, but the Redskins will need to be more opportunistic against the Panthers.

    They missed out on a legitimate shot to eliminate a divisional opponent from contention and could have damaged their own playoff chances if they continue to play like this in crucial games and do not solve their turnover issue.