WWE Raw (10/17/11): Live Blog, Results, Coverage and Analysis

Mike Shannon@@DLman91Featured ColumnistOctober 17, 2011

Tonight, as with every Monday night, yours truly will be providing a live blog of WWE's Raw coming to you from Mexico City.

Last week's show may have been the worst episode of Raw in the last 10 years. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer was so pissed off that he has a permanent picture of Vince McMahon on his home page with the phrase "your show sucks" underneath it.

Ratings dropped significantly throughout the night, which was a shame because people were legitimately interested in the walkout angle that opened the show.

Of course, since that was different and interesting, WWE immediately killed it by firing Triple H, putting Vince McMahon back on television and inserting yet another heel authority figure for the faces to "rebel" against.

Hey Vince...1998 called, it wants its angle back.

I was half-tempted to skip this show simply because it was taped and half of you have read the spoilers already. However, because I love my dear readers I simply could not deny you another two hours of my greatness.

In case you're not a super genius, refreshing is not necessary for a live blog. However, feel free to comment below with your fellow smarks as long as your IQ exceeds that of my dog (gonna be a tough one for some of you).

On with the show!