WWE Vengeance 2011: Why Awesome Truth Will Topple Triple H and CM Punk

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIOctober 18, 2011

Take out Punk and Truth and there's a Mania match right there.
Take out Punk and Truth and there's a Mania match right there.

Here we are again...another RAW bites the dust.

Vengeance is only a few days away and as you all know now, Triple H will make a temporary, uneasy alliance with CM Punk to take on the conspiracy-challenging R-Truth and The Miz.

This appears to be a disaster on paper for the bad guys since "The Game" is meant to be perceived as such a virtual god, no one could actually think Awesome Truth can come out on top. Well, I beg to differ.

The truth (and firing) has set them free and now they will not be stopped. Both know the impact a victory over Trips and Punk would make. The Miz is a former WWE Champion, a win could revive his desire to regain the championship and R-Truth would have to be taken more seriously should he have humbled his opponents.

Some of this smells like WrestleMania!

In the next few months, I believe CM Punk will finally get himself back into the WWE title picture and when he wins the title, the man will carry it with him at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami to defend against...I have no clue right now. The only EPIC person I can think of right now is Chris Jericho.

That remains to be seen.

One major Mania hope for me is for Triple H and The Miz to wage war on the grandest stage of them all. Nothing happens for a reason here and since both are involved in the same program right now, it isn't hard to imagine this scenario happening down the road.

Next Sunday, The Miz and R-Truth will win because they need this victory for them to continue their way FORWARD. It is only a little Pay Per View anyway. If they win, the feud continues...right into Survivor Series.

We still have Kevin Nash to worry about, and I wouldn't trust John Laurinaitis with my life, either, so Awesome Truth has an advantage to make up for the difference in size and power. It doesn't matter how you do it...just win, baby! 

In November, this whole conspiracy thing will be unraveled. The Rock will come back. The team of "good" people will vanquish the "evil" one and we will see where they are going for the big explosion on April 1, 2012.

Awesome Truth can't stay together forever and neither can Triple H and CM Punk. This is where the Miz-Triple H feud begins...somewhat. Someone will anger someone by costing them something of great value and the rest will unfold all too easily.

Didn't I pick The Miz to win the Rumble a few months back....hmmm?

I fear for poor R-Truth. I see him getting lost in there somewhere and it's too bad because I grew to enjoy his character as of late and I have no clue where they could go with him after all this. A high-profile feud could be good for him, but I don't see a title involved.

Some seeds have already been planted, and this conspiracy is far from being over. The first order of business is for Awesome Truth to teach a lesson to Triple H and CM Punk on Sunday.

Finally, the one pulling the strings behind all this will have the means to carry out his plans and it will be huge!

Remember...there is no such thing as a little vengeance.