Nick Saban Video: Watch Alabama Coach Rant on Heisman, SEC Realignment

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2011

Nick Saban has never tried to hide his distaste for the media.

In fact, he openly embraces it at times—like in Monday’s press conference.

In Saban’s weekly date with the media, he took offense to multiple questions reporters had to offer.

The Crimson Tide play Tennessee this week, a rivalry with great tradition. When asked if conference realignment would hamper the rivalry with the Vols and other schools, he didn’t sound too happy about it:

"I mean, come on. Let's talk about the game. What year are we talking about when we're not gonna play Tennessee—2025? I'm just hoping I can still go to the lake then, still can walk around and go on a pontoon boat ride."

That’s about as funny as this dry and sarcastic coach can get. It’s funny how he has to answer the same realignment questions that almost every other coach in America has to answer right now, yet he still finds a way to alienate the media.

He was also asked about the positive publicity the Heisman Trophy helped create for Mark Ingram in 2009. Once again, it turned into an attack on the media:

"You all create so many problems. I hate to start on this, but whether guys are going out for the draft you shouldn't even be thinking about that right now. Whether we're worrying about the Heisman Trophy, now we're worrying about playing Missouri rather than Tennessee some time down the road. I could give a s--- about all that, excuse my French."

It’s this sort of elitist attitude that pours off Saban and makes him public enemy No. 1 in college football. His legendary short fuse has yet to sprout up in 2011, but you would think that’s because his team is dominating every team Alabama has played. Despite a lofty No. 2 ranking in the BCS standings, Saban is as angry as ever.

Blame the media.