NFL: Coaches Who Could Be On The Move

Scott BarbineCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008

With the regular season beginning to dwindle to the end, some teams are already looking to next year.  There will be a few head coaching changes this season like every other. 

Being that first year coaches Jim Zorn, John Harbaugh, Mike Smith, and Tony Sparano were so successful, teams may be looking at coordinators across the league, rather than coaches with experience.

There is a fresh batch of coordinators, some with and some without head coaching experience that will be in plenty of interviews.

Then you have the old faces that everyone knows.  The former head coaches that have been out of the league for a while but may be looking to get back into the game.

There are plenty of teams that may have a new coach next season including: Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, and St. Louis Rams. 

Here is my list of guys who could find themselves as teams new head coach come next season.


Steve Spagnuolo- Defensive coordinator, New York Giants

Hired in January 2007, Spagnuolo burst onto the scene during the Super Bowl, when he created the game plan that took down the mighty, undefeated New England Patriots.

It makes sense that Spagnuolo has been such a great defensive coordinator, he worked eight years under one of the best, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson.

One of the biggest assets that Spagnuolo brings is his ability to keep his players level-headed.  Rarely do you see a Giants defensive player lose his temper on the field or the sideline.  His ability to motivate his players and have them buy into his system has been one of the reasons for his early success.


Jim Schwartz- Defensive coordinator, Tennessee Titans

The defensive coordinator since 2001, Schwartz has had his ups and downs with the Tennessee organization.  his defense was dominant when he arrived, struggled during their bad salary cap situation, and once again is one of the most dominant defensive units in the NFL.

Schwartz got his first NFL gig working and doing research for Bill Belichick's Cleveland Browns staff.

Scwartz could be a popular candidate this offseason because of the current coaching trend in the NFL.  He is only 42 and is considered a great defensive mind.

Mike Mularky- Offensive coordinator, Atlanta Falcons

We've seen Mularky as a head coach before.

It wasn't very pretty.

Lasting just two seasons as the Bills head coach, Mularky had an unsuccessful stint as the Dolphins offensive coordinator.

This year with the Falcons, his name is once again having his name ring across the NFL as a possible head coach.  He has to be partly responsible for the instant maturation of Matt Ryan and that will attract front offices to him right away.


Cam Cameron- Offensive coordinator, Baltimore Ravens

Cameron is another one we've seen fail as a head coach before.

In his defense he took over a very dysfunctional Dolphins team which was built for failure.  After a 1-15 season, Cameron was fired.

Cameron has reinvented himself this year with the Ravens.  A team that has been known for defense and defense for almost the past decade, finally has an offense worth talking about.

With their solid running game, creative passing routes, and quick development of rookie, Joe Flacco, have the Ravens ready to compete just one season after losing 11 games last year.


Brian Billick- former Baltimore Ravens head coach

A man who won a Super Bowl in his second season as coach and owns a 56 percent winning percentage should not be a TV analyst.

Billick is considered an offensive-minded coach who was the offensive coordinator for the 1998 Minnesota Vikings, which set the record for points scored in a season.

A guy with his offensive prowess would do wonders for a team with young offensive weapons like the Raiders.


I see all of these guys will most likely assume the role of head coach in the future, and maybe as soon as next season.