BCS Rankings 2011: Why Every Top 15 Team Will or Will Not Make a BCS Bowl

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IOctober 17, 2011

BCS Rankings 2011: Why Every Top 15 Team Will or Will Not Make a BCS Bowl

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    There are only 10 spots in the five BCS bowl games.

    So, that means several really good football teams will be put in some lesser bowl games to the disappointment of their fans.

    After the first BCS rankings were released on Sunday, there are some surprising teams in the Top 15, along with many familiar faces.

    Let's take look now at whether each team in the Top 15 will or will not make a BCS bowl game.

15. West Virginia Mountaineers (5-1)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    The Mountaineers should have no trouble winning a very weak Big East conference.

    Then, they'll earn the conference's automatic bid and probably end up in the Orange Bowl, possibly against the ACC Champion.

14. South Carolina Gamecocks (6-1)

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    BCS Bowl: No

    The Gamecocks have lost QB Stephen Garcia and RB Marcus Lattimore the past two weeks.

    Losing offensive players like that makes it really hard to win games in the SEC.

    They probably won't win the SEC East now, and that most likely means no BCS bowl for Steve Spurrier's squad.

13. Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-1)

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    BCS Bowl: No

    The Huskers have games against Michigan and Michigan State left on their schedule.

    I'm betting they lose one of those games and don't make it to the Big Ten Championship game.

    Without that game, they won't make it to a BCS bowl game.

12. Virginia Tech Hokies (6-1)

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    BCS Bowl: No

    The ACC will most likely only send one team to a BCS bowl.

    Right now, I like Clemson to get that berth.

    They've already beaten Virginia Tech head-to-head and should keep rolling all year long.

11. Kansas State Wildcats (6-0)

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    BCS Bowl: No

    The Wildcats are undefeated now, but that's mostly thanks to an easy early-season schedule.

    After Kansas this weekend, the Wildcats play games against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas.

    There's no way they are winning more than one of those games, and that will crush their BCS hopes.

10. Oregon Ducks (6-1)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    I like Oregon to win the Pac-12, but only if LaMichael James is back before the Stanford game.

    If he's still out, I think the Ducks lose that game and don't make a BCS bowl.

    But, with him, the Oregon offense should be too much for Stanford to handle.

9. Arkansas Razorbacks (5-1)

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    BCS Bowl: No

    If the Razorbacks lose to the LSU Tigers in the last week of the season, they won't make a BCS bowl.

    LSU and Alabama will probably get to BCS bowls, and I don't think the BCS will take three SEC teams.

    So, the Razorbacks will be left to the Cotton Bowl or another non-BCS bowl.

8. Stanford Cardinal (6-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    If Oregon beats Stanford, I think that will be the only loss for the Cardinal.

    Then, they won't make the Pac-12 Championship game, but they'll finish the year with only one loss.

    That will translate into a BCS bowl at-large bid for either the Sugar or Fiesta Bowl probably.

7. Clemson Tigers (7-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    I like the Tigers to earn the ACC's automatic BCS bid.

    They control their own destiny and have been exciting to watch.

    If they can keep their momentum going, they should be the surprise ACC champs.

6. Wisconsin Badgers (6-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    The Badgers are the best team in the Big Ten, hands down.

    They should have no problem winning the Big Ten title.

    Then it will be off to the Rose Bowl to play Oregon or Stanford.

5. Boise State Broncos (6-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    We've seen this before.

    Boise State will go undefeated and not make the championship game.

    They'll probably end up with another Fiesta Bowl appearance, possibly against a team like Stanford or Oklahoma State.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    The BCS National Championship game isn't out of reach for the Cowboys.

    They should run the table in the regular season and head into the matchup against Oklahoma in the final week unscathed.

    Assuming Oklahoma is also undefeated, that will make this year's Bedlam the most important Bedlam ever.

    Even if the Cowboys lose, they should still make a BCS game.

3. Oklahoma Sooners (6-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    Much like Oklahoma State, there's no reason Oklahoma shouldn't be undefeated heading into Bedlam.

    Then, the winner of that game should go to the National Championship.

    The loser will still most likely end up in another BCS bowl.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (7-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    The Tide have a huge game against LSU in a couple weeks.

    The winner has an inside track on the National Championship game, as long as they win the SEC Championship game.

    The loser is also in good shape for a BCS bowl still though.

    So, while the LSU-Alabama game will influence the championship, it won't influence whether both of these teams make BCS bowls.

1. LSU Tigers (7-0)

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    BCS Bowl: Yes

    As I said on the last slide, the winner of LSU-Alabama will probably be one of the participants in the BCS Championship game.

    But, the loser won't be left for dead.

    Either way, both Alabama and LSU are making it to BCS bowl games.

    That doesn't mean their Nov. 5 matchup won't be fun to watch though.