After the Glory 2011: Feuds That We Need to See After Bound for Glory

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 17, 2011

After the Glory 2011: Feuds That We Need to See After Bound for Glory

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    Bound For Glory has come and gone and I'm already looking forward to new matches, new feuds and new story lines.

    Such feuds like Anderson/Bully Ray, RVD/Lynn and Aries/Kendrick should be put to rest and new feuds should be born.

    Join me in the After Glory of IMPACT Wrestling's biggest show of the year as I discuss new potential feuds and feuds that need to continue past Bound For Glory.

    Let's get started.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

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    This is the most obvious one.

    Bobby Roode lost to Kurt Angle at BFG in controversial fashion.

    Roode deserves a second chance at glory in a match where he almost had Angle beat multiple times.

    This one is obvious and IMPAC should definitely continue pushing this feud until Turning Point, where Roode rightfully wins the belt, no matter what Hogan thinks.

AJ Styles vs. Daniels

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    Another obvious one.

    Daniels ran away from the "I Quit" match at BFG after AJ grabbed a screwdriver and was looking to brutally tear Daniels' eye balls straight from its sockets.

    Following the match, AJ played to the crowd while on the entrance ramp and Daniels came back around and attacked AJ.

    The only stipulation I want to see these guys wrestle under is either an Iron Man match, Best of Three series or an Ultimate X.

Bully Ray vs. Abyss

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    Abyss screwed Scott Steiner over during his match against Mr. Anderson prior to Bound For Glory. It was an accident but Immortal kicked Abyss out of their gang and attacked him after the match.

    Bully Ray lost to Anderson in what looked to be the end of their feud.

    Bully is also the top wrestler in Immortal and he has most of the power when Bischoff isn't around.

    Abyss vs. Bully Ray would be a great feud, in my opinion. Let's make it happen.

Hulk Hogan and Sting vs. Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair

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    Sting and Hogan fought at BFG and Sting came out the winner.

    Immortal laid a post-match beat down on "The Icon," but Hogan turned face, beating up members of his former group and helping his former rival.

    How will this play out? This is a feud IMPACT will most likely play around with. It could be interesting.

Gunner vs. Kazarian

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    Gunner hasn't got much going for him right now.

    He recently beat up Abyss on IMPACT and Sting at BFG. He's just another wolf in the pack.

    Kazarian was last seen at BFG and he looked fine. His arm wasn't bandaged or anything. He looked to be in 100 percent fighting condition.

    Last I checked, Gunner was the guy who injured Kazarian. Anyone want to see some redemption?

Velvet and Traci vs. Karen Jarrett

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    Karen absolutely hates Velvet Sky. She never wanted to see the day where Velvet becomes Knockouts Champion, but guess what, it's here!

    Traci and Velvet are like best friends on IMPACT and even pulled the old table top trick on Karen last Thursday.

    If you think the table top made Karen mad, wait until IMPACT when she confronts Velvet and Traci, who counted the three and awarded Velvet as champion.

Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett

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    Jarrett doesn't want Hardy in IMPACT Wrestling, and didn't want to see him at BFG.

    Hardy shows up anyway and the two brawl.

    Not much else to say, but, let them fight!