Week 6: Chicago Bears' Cutler Not Listening to Martz Reason for Win?

James HarmonContributor IOctober 17, 2011

Before I get into details, lets recap what we knew before Sunday's game. The Bears went into Sunday Night's game with a record of 2-3 and 0-2 record within the NFC North.  To say the Bears needed a win versus the Vikings to stay in the playoff hunt is the biggest understatement of the season. The Packers and Lions are consistently playing well each week, which means the Bears will be playing catchup likely for the rest of the season.

The Bears have Struggled to keep Jay Cutler protected this season, let alone throughout his career in Chicago. While Cutler was in Denver, he was sacked only 55 times total. The Bears have had him the same number of games Denver had him, and he has been sacked 105 times in the windy city, almost doubling his career total. With Gabe Carimi still sidelined with a knee injury, many were fearing the top tier pass-rush of the Minnesota Vikings would unleash on Jay.

On the contrary, Jay Cutler was only sacked once. That's right, Jay Cutler was sacked once the whole game. He threw 21-31 for 267 yards and 2 touchdowns. But how did he stay poised and not shaken by Jared Allen the whole night?

A lot of analysts are giving applause to Mike "Mad" Martz for adjusting the offense to suit a happier Jay. After all, an upright Jay, is a happy Jay. But, should Martz be solely credited for Cutler doing so well?

In the final minute of the 1st Half, Jay Cutler waited for the play call by Martz in his radio. After cutler broke the huddle, he looked over at the Bear's sideline and mouthed the words thought to be said, "Tell Mike I say (Bleep) him."

Does this mean Jay is calling his own plays and disregarding Martz if he disagrees with the call? Odds are the Martz-Cutler relationship is quickly dissolving, as it should. Martz is a deep-play kind of guy, which is costly when you don't have the protection necessary for Cutler to give him time for the receivers to run downfield, let alone the talent at the receiving end.

I'm not saying every play called last night was a direct result from Jay making the decision, but he's starting to realize that this is his team, not Martz's. Lets face it, if the Bears finish horribly this season, are they going to blame Cutler, or upper management? Jay Cutler may be starting to realize that he's gonna be a Bear longer than Martz, and that it's time for him to step up and start doing what he knows works.

It's up to Angelo and Lovie to back Jay up on this issue. They both likely will back Cutler up, and make Martz the sacrificial lamb.

So Bears fans I leave you with this question: Do you think Jay cutler should have a larger role when it comes to play calling or is "In Martz we trust" the ideal philosophy? Let your voice be heard below!