NFL Week 6 Video: Watch Hottest Highlights from Sunday's Scorching Action

Wes ODonnell@wesodonnellFeatured ColumnistOctober 17, 2011

NFL Week 6 Video: Watch Hottest Highlights from Sunday's Scorching Action

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    Every week in the NFL is different, and it is because of this that we keep watching. Well, that and the hits, high-scoring affairs and downright good football that gets played on a regular basis.

    Week 6 in particular brought us some spectacular plays, ugly moments and a dust up between two of the NFL's most passionate coaches.

    If I am not mistaken, this is exactly why we love the NFL.

    Here are the 10 best highlights from Week 6 action.

10. Jay Cutler Reminds Us He's No Pansy

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    Remember when everyone had something to say when Jay Cutler couldn't play in the NFC Championship Game?

    Well, even after he was vindicated by a legitimate injury diagnosis, he decided to throw a cut-block on the league's sack leader, Jared Allen, on Sunday Night Football.

    The Bears also beat the life out of the Vikings to move to 3-3 on the year.

9. The Bengals Should Give the Ball to Carlos Dunlap More

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    Forget about Cedric Benson, defensive end Carlos Dunlap might have the best cut-back ability of anyone on the Bengals.

    Here he scoops up the Pierre Garcon fumble and eludes a number of Colts players to rumble into the endzone from 35 yards out.

    The former Florida Gator helped the Bengals hold on for their surprising fourth win of the season.

8. Jacoby Jones Does His Best to Replace Andre Johnson

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    Lets be honest: there is no way to replace Andre Johnson.

    The Texans need someone to fill his spot, though, and Jacoby Jones, who loves to flash talent once every four-to-games per year, decided to show out against Ed Reed.

    It is not every often that Reed gets turned around twice on a play, so Jones should be happy with this catch.

    The Ravens went on to win the game, though.

7. Dez Bryant Has Moves

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    Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has some ridiculous talent.

    Everyone in the league knows this, but apparently the Patriots defensive backs weren't paying attention.

    Not only does he make one guy miss without even touching him, he makes two of them miss and look fools in the process.

    Bring your feet fellas, bring your feet.

6. Fred Jackson Is a Man

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    1st-and-10 from your own 20-yard-line is a typical scoring opportunity? 

    If you're Fred Jackson it is.

    The Bills' most important player takes off for an untouched 80-yard score thanks to some shoddy angles taken by Big Blue's secondary.

5. Jordy Nelson Is Fast, Real Fast

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    It was just another normal day at Lambeau Field for Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and the rest of the Packers.

    Rodgers uncharacteristically underthrows Nelson, but that is hardly enough to stop the speedy receiver.

    Nelson proceeds to make two defenders miss on a quick cutback (one actually takes out the other) and races a career high 93-yards for the score.

4. Corey Peters Robs Cam Newton

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    Cam Newton should know better than this.

    Not because he threw a pick on a covered screen play, but because he underestimated the athleticism of one Corey Peters of the Falcons.

    Newton is a freak athlete standing 6'5", 248 pounds. Corey Peters, at 6'3" and 305 pounds, has some athleticism of his own.

    Not only does showcase great feet, but he makes a catch that some receivers struggle with.

3. Dallas Clark Misses Peyton Manning

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    A wide open Dallas Clark is always a touchdown when No. 18 is under center.

    Without No. 18, Clark has to resort to alternate measures like making a one-handed catch in the back of the end zone to secure a score.

    Shockingly, it was only Clark's second touchdown of the year (fantasy owners can cringe now).

2. The Motown Showdown

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    Jim Harbaugh might not have known this or not, but he didn't win the Super Bowl yesterday.

    His overly emphatic handshake with Jim Schwartz prompted the Lions coach to chase down the skipping Harbaugh to give him a piece of his mind.

    This is football, though, and emotions always run high. Let's just hope this two teams meet in the postseason so we can find out what really happens when the game means win or go home.

1. Brent Celek Went to the Circus, Came Back with a Football

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    Words don't even do this one justice.

    Brent Celek hasn't been featured as much he'd like this season, but he can still make plays when called upon.

    Play of the week just happens to be him making a spectacular play on a ball he should've caught the first time he touched it.