Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory : Why BFG Was a Great Step Forward

Josh BarnettCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2011

Coming into Sunday's big time pay-per-view, Bound For Glory in many ways was set to either make or beak Impact Wrestling. Thankfully with the recent removal from power of Vince Russo in the writing department, Impact did some really good things to make excellent strides to move forward towards competing with WWE. 

Impact did a ton of things right at Bound for Glory starting in the Knockouts division, handing the belt and lead of the division over to Velvet Sky was a tremendous call. This was excellent timing to give her the title. She is my favorite lady in all of pro wrestling since Trish Stratus and her development reminds me a lot of Trish. Obviously her lead feature is her physical appeal, but her wrestling and mic skills have improved immensely since breaking up the beautiful people with both Madison Rayne and Angelina Love. Lucky for Impact wrestling, Sky has stayed away from WWE to this point and now they have the lady to lead an excellent ladies division.

Next big thing revolved around control of the company. The Hogan/Sting confrontation was not exactly your 2.0 of WCW StarCade 1997, but the names booked together still generate tremendous draw. Sting's joker personna was excellent, the way he worked the angle to frustrate Hogan into making the bout to give the company back to Dixie Carter, and even before that the Flair match on Impact and promo work was epic. Also it was great to see the face turn for Hogan, fans have wanted to see him lay out Bischoff in the middle of the ring ever since he was world champion in WCW. Hogan was Bischoff's line to stroke and power and a face turn for Hogan removes that for Bischoff, which is great. 

Impact did drop the ball with the World Heavyweight Championship. Impact spent a ton of promo time to build up Bobby Roode to be a great champion. BFG should have been his time as an original and guy who has worked his tail off, he should be champion. However fortunately, no company can ever hurt too much for Kurt Angle to be champion. 

Moving forward, it is crucial for Impact to get a great showing from Dixie Carter. With Hogan as a face now and Sting by her side, she must push the company to new levels. Impact is running out of time if they are to go big. Dixie has an excellent roster and management team now. She must do everything within her power to push her originals big enough to sell out NYC's MSG within at least two years. Her goal must be at least on level of holding Bound for Glory 2013 in MSG if not sooner. 

Early promos for Impact's next PPV Turning Point feature a ton of a guy who also had an excellent showing at BFG, Jeff Hardy. It is no secret that Kurt Angle does view Hardy as his biggest threat and as a clean babyface, his charisma has formerly reached levels comparable to John Cena. Fans eat up his high-risk style and appeal to them as a good guy. Turning Point is an excellent opportunity to complete the return back and to at least temporarily return him to his spot as world's champion. Fans have went crazy the last few weeks over his beatdowns of Immortal, almost similar to how Randy Orton KO'ed Nexus piece by piece.