Buffalo Bills: Toronto Game Will Lead to 8-8 Buffalo Bills Season Finish

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIOctober 17, 2011

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills suffered a disappointing loss to the New York Giants. The 24-27 loss dropped the Bills a 4-2 record for the season and left many Bills fans disappointed.

The Bills now head into a bye week during which they must regroup, heal and come out swinging against the Washington Redskins on October 30. However, there is one obstacle in their way that will be difficult for the Bills to overcome: the Redskins game will be held in Toronto, Ontario.

Thus far, the Bills are 0-3 in regular-season games in Toronto. Many Bills players have argued that the Toronto game is not like a home game and has the feeling of an away game. Many Canadian fans do not share an allegiance to one NFL team, and it takes away the Bills' home-field advantage.

So far this season, the Buffalo Bills have fallen to a 1-2 record in away games, and it is a safe estimate that after this game, the Bills will have a 4-3 record overall.

With that being said, the Bills head into a tough schedule facing teams such as the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots. It is hard to see how the Buffalo Bills survive and go to the playoffs as expected after their great 3-0 start.

In fact, looking at the schedule, it is a generous estimation that the Bills will even get to an 8-8 record. While this is an improvement on the recent history of the team, it will not be good enough in the AFC to go to the playoffs.

The Bills need a momentum boost coming off of the loss to the Giants. However, thanks to the poor decision-making of the Bills front office, they now must go into hostile territory and face a very good team in a situation that should be home-team advantage.

Can the Bills bounce back from this loss? Probably.  However, they will not have an easy go at it, and it is not the fault of the players, but rather the fault of the Bills front office, which instituted a money grab while ignoring the impact on the team.

Unfortunately, it is my estimation that the loss to the Washington Redskins in Toronto on October 30 will set into motion the Buffalo Bills 8-8 finish for the season.