Did the Packers Make the Right Decision on Brett Favre?

Curt HoggCorrespondent IIDecember 6, 2008

It's March 6, 2008. Every Packer fan on the face of the earth has their TV set tuned to the immortal Brett Favre's retirement speech. If they weren't home for the speech, they had to DVR it.  The Pack faithful listened as he tearfully said goodbye to Green Bay and the NFL (the NFC North easily accepted his farewell).

We cried with him. There was no way that the "4ever" young Brett Favre could retire. As Favre finished his speech with a simple "Thanks", Green and Gold nation turned off the TV, wiped their eyes off, and went to their closet. Staring them in the face was the No. 4 jersey. A tearful good-bye or adios or auf Wiedersehen was said and the No. 12 jersey was put in its place.

Never again did anyone expect to see Favre in pads and a No. 4 jersey on the field again.

It's late June and all of Wisconsin is in Brewers fever mode. And then Brett Favre decides he wants to play again.

Are the Packers going to let him back? All of America wants to know the answer. The Packers are saying that they won't. After Favre goes to Green Bay for a few days and has a one-on-one meeting with coach Mike McCarthy, the verdict is given:

Favre is done in Green Bay.

Reports begin to say teams such as Tampa Bay, Minnesota, and New York are interested in acquiring the all-time leader in touchdown passes, completions, passing yards, consecutive starts for a quarterback, and, last but not least, interceptions.

Favre was traded to New York, and some people believe his Green Bay legacy has been ruined. Personally, I have been a Jets and Packers fan for most of my life. I was fine with the trade.

Was it the right decision to not let Favre back to Green Bay and then trade him? Let's see.

To start, Favre would probably retire after the '08 season and the coaches had already promised Aaron Rodgers the starting spot. On the other hand, he is one of the greatest QBs of all time.

This year, the Packers probably won't make the playoffs at 5-7 and two games back of Minnesota. People have said that if they'd kept Favre, they would be in first place in the NFC North.

Not the case.

The run defense has been terrible and in their losses, they have given up way too many points. Aaron Rodgers has been everything the coaches wanted from him. Brett Favre has put up the better stats of the two and maybe would have taken the Packers to one more victory, but not first place.

Trading away Brett Favre was in most ways the right move and he has become successful along with his New York Jets. For the Packers, the better Favre and the New York "Bretts" do, the better the draft pick they get for 2009.