Oklahoma-Missouri: The Sixth Best Game in its Own Conference

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008




Texas/Okla. State


Five conference games I would much rather see than the Big 12 championship game tonight.  While I know you are not going to get the best game most years, it is sad that you do not even get one of the top five match ups in your own conference.

Missouri may be the winner of the North Division, but if you take out divisions they finished fifth behind the fourth-place South Division finisher, Oklahoma State, which has the same record and beat them head-to-head.

They were almost beaten at home by the fifth-place South Division team, Baylor.

When the winner of one division is not competitive, doesn't the conference owe its teams  and fans a better match up?  Imagine the excitement this week if OU/Texas or Texas/Tech got a rematch.

If the Big 12 is going to have a championship game that has so much at stake most years, the rules should be changed to make sure the two competitive teams get a chance. 

It is sad when the Conference has three teams that are just as deserving for the conference championship and only one of them gets to play and another team that has a lot less on the line does get to play for the title.