Hue Jackson's "Living on the Edge" Almost Cost the Oakland Raiders the Game

Dennis ParslowContributor IOctober 17, 2011

To kick or not to kick...
To kick or not to kick...Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Hue Jackson is making Raider football exciting again.    His fake punts, fake field goals, and other trick plays are keeping opposing defenses from keying on the running game.  

He is utilizing all of the talent on this team, which is keeping defensive coordinators up at night in the weeks leading up to playing the Silver and Black.   This week, when Jason Campbell went down, he knew that he would need to find points elsewhere to win the game and he didn't hesitate to pull the trigger on Shane Lechler's first-ever professional pass.  

However, there are times when you just need to do the right thing.    In the fourth quarter with the Raiders leading by two touchdowns, and facing a 4th and a long 1, the right thing to do is kick the field goal and make it a three-possession game.  

Instead, Hue inexplicably goes for it and then calls a vanilla play to Michael Bush right into the teeth of the defense.   Predictably, it didn't work and we gave the gift of life to Cleveland. 

The Browns took that gift for a 95-yard joy ride all the way to the end zone.   Then, after a perfect onside kick, they had a chance to tie the game with a minute to go.  

They never should have had that chance.  

I hope Hue keeps living on the edge and keeping teams off balance all year.   I also hope he does the right thing when the situation calls for it so that the Raiders can win the games they should win.