How Do I Get a Job at ESPN? MAC Football Championship Broadcasting Disappoints

Joe HuberCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008

Anyone else in the profession of play-by-play broadcasting would have done a better job calling the MAC championship featuring Ball State and Buffalo Friday night.

Granted, the game wasn't close, the quarterback that looked like an NFL prospect wasn't wearing red, and BSU didn't play inspiring. Still, there is a part of me that honestly believes anyone but Sean McDonough and Chris Spielman could have done a better job.

Spielman isn't really the issue here; he did a great job breaking down the footage, and if the play-by-play guy speaks as monotone as Ben Stein, then you don't have the opportunity to get excited. McDonough, however, should never be allowed in the college football booth again.

I'm not saying McDonough shouldn't call sports; he's actually an excellent golf analyst, which just so happens to be his job at ESPN, but if he ever calls a football game again, oy vey! It was painful to hear him call the fumbles because the excitement of a normal announcer would probably have a little spike—just a little!

There were actually parts of the game when I silenced the people over watching, and made them listen, just to see if I was crazy! However, much to my surprise, other people heard it, too. It's just unfortunate there wasn't much to hear.

Spielman was trying to save the broadcast, but, again, the color commentator can only take it so far. McDonough sent this one in D.O.A.

The next time I see McDonough in the booth, and yes I do want to see him call something, it better be golf. It's a good thing monotone works out on the links, otherwise he'd be out of a job.