Giants Rumors: C.C. Sabathia To Leave Heart in San Francisco?

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IDecember 6, 2008

In all my years of watching baseball, never have I remembered an offseason as exciting as this.

Not only have the Giants made more moves then any other team thus far, but their team is being thrown around in speculation with many other players as well. Those, I will get to further on in this article.

The biggest name free agent out their is lefty starter C.C Sabathia, who is being heralded by more then half of the teams in the majors. The Giants are rumored to be one of those teams interested in him.

Personally, the Giants don't need him as much as I would like him, because they need to focus more on hitting but when you look at the situation, you may settle for him after all.

With the Giants bank running low on funds they only have enough room for one more big signing, and after the Yankees offered Sabathia six years/$140 million it's hard to believe he would turn it down at first glance.

Then you look at Sabathia the person, not Sabathia the pitcher. He lives 20 minutes from San Francisco and has already expressed his desire the play there. If the Giants offer him anything it will be in the likes of five years/$100 million.

Now if your a star pitcher who has already made a ton of money over the years, what can you do with $140 million that you can't do with $100 million?

If you love the laid back atmosphere of California and not the ultra-pressured-must-win-or-else-you're-a- failure New York atmosphere, it makes sense that Sabathia could take that pay cut to remain in his home state.

As Andrew Nuschler said in his article about the Giants already having so much money tied up between so few players and adding a contract like Sabathia's could only worsen the situation, I wholeheartedly agree, which is why the Giants would have to make a couple of moves to straighten things out.

If the Yankees are so desperate for starting pitching, maybe there is a chance they would like to take a risk with trading for Barry Zito. After all, most Giants fans can agree that if Zito had an offense, his record would be close to or over .500, and offense is something the Yankees have plenty of.

So my humble suggestion would be to trade Zito to the Yankees, maybe for a player like Robinson Cano or even a couple of prospects. The money is then cleared up and Sabathia immediately fills that whole. Now the Giants make another trade, and that was the one rumored on the official team website about Jonathon Sanchez to the Marlins for Jorge Cantu.

Probably the biggest and most surprising rumor involving the Giants has to do with veteran starter Randy Johnson seeking to capture his 300th win and presumably end his career with one of the Bay Area teams.

Of the Giants and Athletics, the Orange and Black have been the only one to express some sort of interest in "The Big Unit" and this puzzles me because I just don't know where he will fit, but it would be nice to have someone record their monumental win in a Giants uniform so if he were to come cheaply (not like the two years/$26 million contract he signed in Arizona) then I would be fine with it.

Of course this is a lot of speculation, some of which is more wishful thinking then anything, but it could happen and with the way things have gone with not many teams making moves immediately, it gives me the feeling that something big is about to go down, hopefully with the Giants included.

But the one signing the Giants could realistically pull off more then any of the aforementioned ones would be to land second baseman Orlando Hudson, who bat .305 last season with eight HRs and 41 RBI in only 107 games.

That was also mentioned on the Giants official Web site—and don't be surprised if that happens in the next couple of days.