BCS Rankings Fact or Fiction: Standings Are Perfect Just the Way They Are

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BCS Rankings Fact or Fiction: Standings Are Perfect Just the Way They Are
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The first BCS standings were released Sunday night, setting the table for the “real season” to begin.

Seconded in diabolical man vs. machine undertones only to Deep Blue's bouts with Gary Kasparov, the BCS computers yet again displayed their unintelligible algorithmic prowess to an eager, frothing nation.

So what are we to make of these initial rankings?

Well, if you're Houston or Boise State, these standings will only serve to depress. What do you have to do to get respect? Move to the Big 12?

If you're in the Pac-12 North, consider splitting off entirely from the mostly-hapless Pac-12 South to improve your strength of schedule. It's the only way Stanford and Oregon will break the top-5 in the future. 

If you're the SEC, life is good. Two teams in the top spots? I can't wait to watch a regular-season repeat in the national title game. Who needs TiVo? 

If you're Oklahoma State, consider sending the BCS computers some flowers. Try to reciprocate their bizarre crush as soon as possible. There's no telling how they'll feel about you are upset.

Same goes for you, Texas.

It's early, but that's never an excuse to lay off dissection. To pass the time until the teams put their new rankings on the line next weekend, how about a game of fact or fiction? Did the BCS get it right? Are the standings perfect just the way they are?

Follow me as we evaluate the BCS Top 10 choices.  

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