San Francisco Giants: 6 Ways Buster Posey Can Impact 2012

Ally Williams@@itsallyduhhCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2011

San Francisco Giants: 6 Ways Buster Posey Can Impact 2012

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    Giants fans are counting down the days until Buster Posey will once again be part of San Francisco’s starting lineup. He’s begun catching bullpen sessions, and it’s already been said that Posey will be catching next season.

    Posey will be a tremendous help to the San Francisco Giants as they look to redeem themselves from a disappointing 2011. His presence in the lineup will not only help the offense, but several other areas as well.

    This is how Buster Posey will impact the 2012 San Francisco Giants.


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    The lack of catching depth was exemplified in full force the second Buster Posey was injured.

    It's unnecessary to explain how desperately the Giants needed to upgrade their catcher last season.

    Posey’s return solves San Francisco’s problem behind the plate. It could be a good idea to look for another backup catcher, but both Eli Whiteside and Chris Stewart are able substitutes for a couple games.

    The Giants will be able to focus on other positions like center field and shortstop instead of putting an emphasis—and more money—toward a catcher.

The Backup Catcher Situation

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    Continuing with the catcher aspect of Buster Posey's return...

    Posey jumping back behind the plate also means one guy is the odd man out. That comes down to Eli Whiteside and Chris Stewart.

    At the beginning of last season, Whiteside was the definite backup guy. However, Stewart stepped up to the challenge just as well as—if not better than—Whiteside when it came to defense.

    Neither backstop was able to fill even half the void Posey left offensively.

    Management will have to decide who they would rather trust as the backup catcher.

First Base?

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    While management has said that Buster Posey will start at catcher, it’s always unknown just how well his ankle will recover.

    In the event that backstop is no longer Posey’s position, he will move to first base.

    That will keep his bat in the lineup—but then that position is once again overstaffed.

    Brandon Belt was moved to the outfield last season and will probably be there again, but Aubrey Huff is a different issue.

    It depends on how well he conditions over the offseason, but if Posey is moved to first, there’s a good chance the majority of Huff’s games will be spent on the bench.


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    The Giants’ hitting woes were no secret last season.

    Their terrible at-bats were a big reason for missing the playoffs.

    Most, if not all, are excited to see Buster Posey’s bat return to the lineup.

    Before his early exit from the season, Posey looked to be having another excellent year and will be able to continue that in 2012.

Team Leadership

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    During the Giants’ 2010 playoff run, the team’s cohesion was a big contributor to their success.

    As players were injured, others couldn’t figure out what they were doing wrong in the batter's box.

    Tension grew, and the leaders of one season turned into the attitude problems of 2011. 

    Buster Posey was also a big part of the clubhouse dynamic in 2010. His return will bring more leadership to the team and should help them stick together if they go through more issues next year.


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    Take one trip to the ballpark during a Giants game, and the Posey memorabilia can be overwhelming.

    Even as Buster Posey was at home nursing his ankle, signs of well wishes flooded AT&T Park.

    Posey is an irreplaceable part of the San Francisco Giants. Just being back with the team in San Francisco will spark up the fans again.

    It’s not like AT&T Park was ever empty throughout the season—the sellouts every game didn’t slow.

    Having the key players back brings an incredible energy throughout the ballpark and the rest of San Francisco.