Oscar De La Hoya Vs Manny Pacuiao: What This Fight Truly Is

Christopher NewberryContributor IDecember 6, 2008

We are finally here, ladies and gentlemen!  The biggest and at the same time most meaningless fight of the year has finally arrived!  Honestly, business decisions placed to the side, this is by far the most irrelevant fight to have been put together in quite some time.  There is no title at stake, no rivalry between the fighters, no rank to be gained, nothing. 

And that is besides the fact that Manny Pacquiao had to gain almost 20 lbs and fight in a division he has never fought in before against a man who has not won a big fight in years(and arguably never has), who is also coming off an unimpressive points victory against a "Contender" alumni.  Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya could possibly be the most meaningless and one-sided fight in the history of organized boxing!

I was thinking of a way to describe this match and I believe I have found the perfect metaphor for it.  It is like taking the undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide and throwing them in against the New York Giants. 

In fact, I want you all to honestly imagine if this game was actually set up right before the NFL playoffs and Bowl Season for College Football.  How would you react if a group of highly successful entrepreneurs came together and decided that because they were all either Alabama alumni or NY Giants fans, that they were going to set up a game where they would pay each player $1million dollars just to participate in it. 

Sounds great for the players, huh?!  In fact, to add a little spice to the match up, they will make this game count against the team's records as well.  So, if Alabama loses, they would no longer have their undefeated season, and if the Giants lose, they would have that loss against their record going into the playoffs.  Sounds great doesn't it?  But here is the thing, EVERYONE KNOWS THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME! 

No matter how they try to slice it, no matter how much they try to pitch the game to you, you know what the outcome is.  In fact, it is already pretty much a given conclusion that the Giants are going to win the game.  These men are faster, stronger, smarter, tougher, and bigger than almost anyone on the Alabama roster! 

Could you honestly imagine one of 'Bama's Linebackers trying to tackle Brandon Jacobs, who is bigger than most NFL Linebackers himself!?  The men who play in the NFL generally are the players who were 10x's better than everyone else in College Football, and Alabama would have the pleasure of playing against an entire team full of these men. 

For someone to question the outcome of this game would be almost moronic.  I would not be surprised if there were sanctions placed against being able to make this type of game happen just off the strength of how ridiculous the match up truly is.  Never mind the fact that the outcome has no real meaning or effect against either program(outside of pride if the underdog somehow wins). 

The only good that would come out of it is that each player would make a cool million bucks(this would be great for college students!), but in terms of competition and entertainment value, it is almost a given that this game would be a blowout victory for the Giants and most people would probably stop watching at the end of the first quarter when the point differential would reach multiple touchdowns.

That is what this boxing match is.  There is no doubt that Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter in his respected weight class, but this is the reason why we have weight classes.  No one would've wanted to watch Hagler vs Tyson!  This does not take anything away from either fighter, but the size differential was just too great.  I don't care how many pots of spaghetti Marvin ate to get up to 200+lbs, the second he took a shot from Iron Mike, the fight would be over, period. 

This is what the outcome of this fight probably will and should be.  I don't care how many different ways they choose to play down the size difference, if De La Hoya does not when by KO or at least have a multiple knockdown, lopsided decision victory, he should quit boxing and never be considered for the HOF.  

That's right, I said it!  The size and strength difference in this match completely rests in DLH's lap in a way that is almost too great to overcome, barring a miracle taking place in Vegas tonight.

If this fight is even relatively close, they should just flat out give it to Pac-Man off of GP, laugh De La Hoya out of the MGM Grand, and destroy the ugly statue he just had built of himself and placed at the entrance of the Staples Center(need I remind all of you that the last and only time he fought at the Staples Center, he lost to Shane Mosley)! 

That is what he would get for hand picking his opponent and creating this circus show, then pasting it together and trying to pawn it off as a great match up, what type of crap is this!  Do you honestly think the Giants would not get the same treatment if they lost to Alabama!?  It would not matter how good 'Bama was(is), they would be the laughing stock of the NFL! 

I would not be surprised if the commissioner of the NFL made it so that the Giants could not go to the playoffs if they lost this game just to save face.  That would be wrong though, right?  Well, I won't back off of my words that De La Hoya should not be allowed to fight again in a showcase match if he loses tonight.

Bottom line, if there is anything outside of an incredible, hall of fame performance by Manny Pacquiao tonight, he will lose this fight, and it should not suprise anyone.  This is a lame attempt by Golden Boy Promotions to send DLH off with a bang(he won't fight Margarito, I don't care how many times he says he is considering it, if he wins this one, he will retire and try to say that since he beat the P4P best fighter currently in boxing, he has no more to prove). 

Personally, I'm not watching it(mainly b/c I have to work) but even if I did, it would just be out of slight curiosity.  I definitely would not pay for it and I am sad that they will probably screw alot of people out of 60 bucks tonight.  Oh well, I'll see the outcome next week on HBO and if Pac wins, GREAT!  I just don't see it happening and I don't think many of you people out there should either.