Boston Red Sox: Anime Video of Collapse Goes Viral

Chuck PlattCorrespondent IIOctober 16, 2011

The anime likenesses of, from left to right, Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey.
The anime likenesses of, from left to right, Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey.

Taiwanese anime artists care about the Red Sox?

Apparently yes.

At the very least, Taiwanese anime artists care about the Red Sox when the times get rough.

On Oct. 14, Next Media Animation (NMA), a Taiwanese animation company, uploaded a video, "Epic meltdown leads to big changes for Red Sox," to their "World Edition" YouTube channel.

"Epic meltdown" links this season's September collapse to the overall narrative of the Curse of the Bambino.

Not surprisingly, plenty of screen time in the video is devoted to depicting the reports that Boston starting pitchers snuck off to the clubhouse on their off nights to drink beer, eat fried chicken and play video games. 

The exit of manager Terry Francona and the anticipated departure of GM Theo Epstein are also reviewed. 

A prediction at the end of the 1:15 video regarding David Ortiz is sure to ruffle the feathers of any Sox fan.

NMA is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong media conglomerate Next Media.

NMA's Wikipedia page cites that videos in 2010 regarding Tiger Woods' sex scandal helped fuel NMA's "notoriety outside the Chinese-language demographic."

As a Red Sox fan who never watches anime, my reaction to watching "Epic meltdown" is along the lines of one of the video's "Top Comments," from a user named milkandmeat:



For a much different reaction, one need not look any further than just below that vulgar reaction to the other featured "Top Comment" on the video, from pillbelichick:

"as a red sox fan, the collapse was worth it for this video" 

What kind of Red Sox fan are you, pillbelichik?

All in all, I tip my hat to the people at NMA. This is a pretty funny and very timely video.

(Another NMA video worth checking out for the sports-inclined is "NBA lockout spoils start of 2011 season," uploaded on Oct. 12.)

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