Tim Tebow: 4 Ways the Denver Broncos Offense Should Change After Bye Week

Adam OdekirkContributor IIOctober 17, 2011

Tim Tebow: 4 Ways the Denver Broncos Offense Should Change After Bye Week

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    Tim Tebow is going to say "yes sir" to whatever John Fox and Mike McCoy say to him, and he is going to run whatever offense they say and not ask questions. It is up to Coach Fox to get his offensive coordinator (McCoy) to tailor the offense to what Tebow can produce inside of.

    Obviously, the Broncos are not going to come out in a full on collegiate "Spread" offense but they likely aren't going to ask Tebow to drop back 30 times and stay in the pocket either.

    The Broncos don't have the time to do a complete overhaul but there a few things that they should invent, revisit and implement that will be sure to help Tebow and the Broncos find success.

Call the Option

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    This is not advocating a switch to the old option offense completely, but a mobile quarterback in Carolina ran it once and had some serious success two weeks ago.

    This might be the perfect opportunity to get creative with Tebow and continue to carve out a role for Knowshon Moreno who could be a nice compliment to Tebow in a package like this.

    The Denver Broncos offense has been missing creativity like this in recent years and now is the time to give it a try and keep the defense guessing. 

Bring in Brady Quinn and Send Tebow Outside

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    Those who think Brady Quinn was wrongly passed over in favor of Tebow will be glad to hear that there should be time for Quinn to see the field as well.

    Bringing in Quinn and leaving Tebow somewhere on the field would be cause for some serious questions by the defense, not to mention the threat of Quinn hitting other targets all over the field is a serious one.

    Screen passes, flea flickers and any number options could be available with both QBs on the field at the same time for a play or two. 

Love the Screens

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    Tim Tebow owes a lot of the credit for his "almost" comeback to Knowshon Moreno who was as electric as Tebow with the ball in his hand on the touchdown scoring screen pass.

    Fans in Denver have been waiting for Moreno to fill the role that successful teams like New Orleans have filled with players like Reggie Bush and now Darren Sproles. Moreno has proven that he may not be the everyday running back that the Broncos might have hoped for, but he still has value.

    Life is much easier for a quarterback that has a vibrant screen attack in his repertoire and the Broncos need to fill their playbook with as many of these kinds of plays as they can. 

Bring Back the Boot

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    Yes that is a picture of Jake Plummer and yes the Broncos need to look at the old tapes of Plummer moving out of the pocket to pass.

    It wasn't that long ago that the Broncos were winning games with a mobile quarterback who was more effective out of the pocket than in it. Obviously, nobody is going to break the pocket and throw back against their body like John Elway but the Broncos don't need that at the moment.

    The Broncos can find ways to feed the ball to whoever is playing wide receiver for them in Miami by rolling Tim out and letting him find the open receiver right in front of him. If the pass isn't there, a run of three or four yards will be on most occasions.