Albert Pujols: Ranking 10 Stadiums That Best Fit Sluggers' Swing

Ross DurrenceCorrespondent IIOctober 17, 2011

Albert Pujols: Ranking 10 Stadiums That Best Fit Sluggers' Swing

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    Albert Pujols is probably the best right-handed hitter since Joe DiMaggio.  By the time he retires, he'll be in the top five of every major stat category and could go down as one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball.

    One of the main reasons for Pujols success is his ability to hit well in almost any Major League ballpark.

    Let's take a look at the 10 stadiums that best fit his slugging swing.

10. Turner Field--Atlanta, GA

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    Albert Pujols seems to always enjoy his yearly visits to Hotlanta.

    In the heart of the Peach State, he hits .331 thanks in large part to the deep alleys of Turner Field.  Though these take away some of Pujols' home runs, they certainly add to his doubles total.

    While Atlanta fans always appreciate his greatness, they certainly wouldn't mind him getting four balls every at-bat.

9. Nationals Park--Washington, DC

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    A tick larger than average, Nationals Park is home to some of Pujols best numbers.

    He's hit at least one homer in this stadium each year he's played the Nats, coupled with an astounding .378 average.

    It doesn't help the Nationals that their pitching has been suspect, however.

8. Citizen's Bank Park--Philadelphia, PA

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    Even with the Phillies outstanding pitching staff, Pujols rakes in the City of Brotherly Love.

    He's hit 10 dingers in only 106 at-bats in this park, with a slash of of .340/.397/.679.

    Again, having numbers as high as these against such quality pitching speaks volumes about Albert's game.

7. Miller Park--Milwaukee, WI

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    Yet another park with very reachable power alleys, Miller Park is one that Pujols is both familiar with and successful in.

    He hits a career .331 in Milwaukee, and before this season, Pujols had a streak of five consecutive seasons hitting .350+ at the Brewers' home.

    His ability to hit the ball to center and right field certainly help him here.

6. Comerica Park--Detroit, MI

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    Though the slugger only gets to play in Detroit every few years, he has ridiculous numbers in the Motor City.

    The Machine hits .637 against the Tigers with a scary on-base percentage of .706.

    Comerica Park is huge, with center field being 20 feet deeper than your average park, but for whatever reason, this park fits the slugger's swing very well.

5. Minute Maid Park--Houston, TX

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    With a short porch in left field (315 feet) and a manageable left field power alley (362 feet) Albert Pujols has feasted here.

    He hits .315 in Houston against his NL Central rivals.  He's notched 111 hits in only 92 games in the space capital of the country.

4. Rogers Centre--Toronto, Ontario

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    Who doesn't love a trip north of the border?

    Albert Pujols sure does.

    Though he's only played a handful of games at the Rogers Centre, he hits a .400 clip in everyone's favorite Canadian ballpark.

    Left field is only 328 feet and Pujols' ability to hit the ball to all parts of the ballpark really show out in Toronto.

3. Kauffman Stadium--Kansas City, MO

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    Apparently, if the stadium is in the state of Missouri, Albert performs well.

    When playing the Royals in Kauffman Stadium, Pujols hits one homer every 10.15 at-bats.

    Let's put that in perspective--Mark McGwire leads the all-time HR per at-bat stat with a jack every 10.61 at-bats.

    The dimensions aren't shocking, but Prince Albert feasts on pitching here.

2. PNC Park--Pittsburgh, PA

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    The Pirates' home field is deep to center, but more than reachable down the left field line.

    Pujols has played almost exactly one-half of a season at PNC Park (89 games) and already has 29 homers and 85 RBI.

    If you expand that over 162 games, Albert would average 53 HR and 155 RBI in Pittsburgh.

    Oh yeah, he also has a slash of .376/.452/.718.

1. Busch Stadium--St. Louis, MO

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    Pujols' home field is no surprise at the top of this list.

    Though it's of fairly standard size, the slugger's stats inside Busch Stadium are downright absurd.  Through more than 450 games, Pujols has a career slash line of .333/.436/.612 with 110 HR and 356 RBI.

    In 2008, he hit .380 at home.  Ridiculous.