BCS Standings 2011: Bowl Outlook for West Virginia Football

Scott Pauley@scott.pauleyAnalyst IOctober 17, 2011

BCS Standings 2011: Bowl Outlook for West Virginia Football

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    Normally, we would reserve our Sundays for talk about professional football. 

    However, this particular Sunday—each year—is an exciting day for lovers of college football.

    This is the day when we can really begin discussing the bowl picture. 

    This is the day when we can stop looking at all of the different, national polls and start looking at the one official poll—The Bowl Championship Series Rankings.

    Now that those rankings have been released, it allows us to take a look at how the major bowl picture will play-out.

    Let’s take a look at the No. 15 ranked West Virginia Mountaineers. 

    From the worst case to best case, the following slides will give insight on possible scenarios concerning where the Mountaineers will play game 13.

Beef O'Bradys Bowl

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    Let’s be honest, the statement, “at least we are in a bowl” doesn’t really hold much water anymore. 

    Especially when your team gets an invite to the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl. 

    This bowl pits the Big East’s No. 6 against a Conference USA team. 

    But at least the Mountaineers would be home before Christmas. 

    If West Virginia makes this St. Petersburg, Florida bowl, it will be a very dull Tuesday. 

    Unless, of course, they take on in-state rival Marshall. 

    However, it would still be a Tuesday—which is the day after Monday.  Catch my drift?

Belk Bowl

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    The Mountaineers always have fans present no matter where they go. 

    Although Charlotte, NC is close to home for many WVU fans and the actual home of many more, the Belk Bowl just doesn’t sound too appealing. 

    We have had the Tire Bowl and the Car Care Bowl in Charlotte, but I just don’t think the Belk (a family clothing store) Bowl fits. 

    Albeit, the bowl does showcase the No. 2 team from the Big East taking on the No. 4 team from the ACC. 

    Which—at least—will be a good game and help prove the competitiveness of WVU against a larger conference.

BCS Bowl

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    A BCS bowl is for West Virginia would mean a league championship and a much needed boost for a dying AQ BCS conference. 

    Last year, UConn represented the Big East in the Fiesta Bowl and didn’t do the conference justice. 

    Actually, it was quite embarrassing.

    That said, the Mountaineers will probably spend the New Year in Miami preparing for the Orange Bowl as the at-large team against the ACC Champion—at this point, probably Clemson. 

    The Tigers must still get by South Carolina, Georgia Tech and then the ACC Championship Game—perhaps another matchup against Georgia Tech or the Hokies from Blacksburg.

Allstate National Championship

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    The ultimate scenario would put the Mountaineers in New Orleans for the Allstate National Championship. 

    We might recall that the last time West Virginia competed for the National Championship was in 2007. 

    The Mountaineers, who were dominating the Big East, needed only to win one more game in order to make the big game. 

    Unfortunately, the underdog Pitt Panthers came to Morgantown and destroyed those hopes.

    It is still possible for WVU to play for the Championship.  However, there are many obstacles that stand in the way.

    Of course, the “Eers would have to win the rest of their games, which is highly possible. 

    But, there are a few other teams that would need to lose at least one game and a few others that need to lose two games. 

    Anything can happen. 

    There are still seven weeks of football.