BCS Standings 2011: Notre Dame, Baylor and Other BCS Snubs

James ToljCorrespondent IIOctober 17, 2011

BCS Standings 2011: Notre Dame, Baylor and Other BCS Snubs

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    With the release of the BCS rankings Sunday, it's inevitable that a few teams will feel snubbed.

    So, who are the teams that many consider among those left out?

    Let's take a look at the squads that were on the cusp of the rankings, and a few that made it but weren't given enough respect.

    Here are a some teams that easily could have made the first BCS poll, and a couple others that should have been ranked higher than they were.


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    After being beaten soundly by Texas A&M on Saturday, the Baylor Bears fell out of the AP Top 25.

    With that said, it isn't a huge surprise that Baylor wasn't in the BCS standings Sunday, but should the team have been?

    Baylor has one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the nation, Robert Griffin III, but the Bears defense hasn't been able to stop anyone.

    Baylor's two losses were to teams that cracked the top 17 of the BCS rankings: Kansas State at 11th and Texas A&M at 17th. So it's not like Baylor lost to a couple of mediocre teams. The Bears lost two games to very solid opponents.

    Baylor will get a shot to creep into the BCS standings next week as it travels to Oklahoma State.

    If Baylor can upset Oklahoma State at home, the team will prove that it deserves a spot in the rankings. 

Notre Dame

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    Everyone can agree that Notre Dame got off to a bad start, but with how the team has played of late, should it have been kept out of the BCS standings?

    Notre Dame had two close, heartbreaking losses to USF and Michigan by a total of seven points. Since then, the Irish have reeled off four straight wins. Notre Dame has had convincing victories over Air Force and Purdue, and the team pulled off two hard-fought wins over Pittsburgh and Michigan State.

    So, did Notre Dame have its bye week at the worst possible time? Probably.

    The Irish are up against arch-rival USC this Saturday. If Notre Dame can pull out a win, neither the coaches nor the computers will keep the Irish out of college football's elite.

Arizona State

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    Arizona State needs to be mentioned in the conversation of the nation's best teams.

    With impressive victories over Missouri, Utah, Oregon State and USC, Arizona State has played very well all season.

    The team has lost two close games against solid competition, Oregon and Illinois. Arizona State lost to Illinois by three and to Oregon by 14, but the Oregon game was close until the very end (and ironically, after Darron Thomas left with a knee injury).

    While it is difficult to fit every good team into the BCS standings, Arizona State can easily be considered a snub. 


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    Sitting at 7-0 after beating three top 25 teams, did the Clemson Tigers deserve to be ranked higher than 7th in the BCS rankings?

    Although 7th in the nation is not too shabby, there are two teams ahead of Clemson that probably shouldn't be: Wisconsin and Boise State.

    Wisconsin and Boise State are both very good teams with great quarterbacks, but Clemson's strength of schedule should have put them at 5th.

    Boise State plays Air Force and TCU in the coming weeks, and Wisconsin plays Michigan State Saturday, so both teams will get a chance to prove that the BCS got it right. 

    But until then, Clemson got snubbed even after entering the BCS rankings at 7th in the nation.

Kansas State

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    Kansas State isn't getting enough respect. 

    After beating Miami, Baylor, Missouri and Texas Tech, Kansas State should have been ranked higher than the 11th spot in the BCS rankings.

    While you can make an argument for Kansas State being ranked ahead of Arkansas, Arkansas's schedule has been extremely difficult thus far.

    However, Kansas State should be ranked ahead of Oregon.

    That's not to say Kansas State is a better team than Oregon, Oregon is top-notch, but until Kansas State loses it deserves to be treated like an undefeated team.

    I know, Oregon has only lost to the number one team in the nation, LSU, but its only impressive win was on Saturday against Arizona State. Other than that, Oregon's schedule hasn't been very difficult. 

    Kansas State faces Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas and Oklahoma State before the season is over, so time will tell if it will stay in the BCS rankings. 

    But until Kansas State loses—and in all likelihood it will—the team should be number 10 in the nation.