Colts vs. Bengals: Watch Cincinnati's Carlos Dunlap Barrel into the End Zone

Donald WoodFeatured Columnist IVDecember 16, 2016

The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the best defensive ends in the NFL with Carlos Dunlap, but I’m sure they didn’t know he had the hands and feet he showed Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

While they knew he was an excellent pass-rusher who could also stack up against the run, the Bengals did not expect Dunlap to be one of the more effective catchers of the ball on the defensive side of the ball.

It was the Colts' loose-handed wide receiver Pierre Garcon who made the play that cost the team the game, and when a defensive back knocked the ball high into the air, the last thing on anyone’s mind was Dunlap coming down with the rock.

Not only did he catch it, but Dunlap also started to run and was looking end zone all the way.

After breaking several tackles, Dunlap ran hard to the opposite side of the field to try to find a clear route to the end zone. He found his crease and hit it hard.

Not only did Dunlap score the touchdown, but he also tried to do a leap into the crowd—which he failed on miserably.

No matter how bad the leap after the fact was, it was the touchdown that really impressed and ended up securing the Bengals the victory.


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