Daily Linkin Logs: Freedom Friday Edition

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IDecember 5, 2008

As always we open welcome arms to the members of The Bad News Bloggers. So please so some love for Justin and another great edition of the Daily Linkin Logs.

Couple of thoughts on our new (yes another) Freedom Friday Daily "Linkin' Logs:"

We'll be altering the format of Friday's links only slightly. Friday's lead column is completely ad hoc and could feature any lead column. The links won't be affected too much, but our lead column could range anywhere from sports to politics to any hot button issue that strikes me this AM.

In an unrelated note, I'm half done with the Bill Belichick/New England Patriots draft review. I can already tell you, based on the drafts I've graded already, he's most likely better than the three we've completed already (duh) and he could be the gold standard of drafting.

Keep in mind, that none of the drafts graded involved Tom Brady (who would have scored an 8 or 9 total I believe). So look for that in the coming hours.

This weekend, I'm attending another college hockey game (10 dollar tickets and quality hockey make it a sport worth attending) and I'll also be meeting up with some friends before they all jaunt around the states for the holidays, so I won't be posting to heavily until Sunday. I'm hoping to get another draft review by Sunday, but no promises.

And in Freedom Friday tradition (well, now), let's talk about Northeastern Alum Jose Juan Berea's night; a night where he appears to be stealing Jason Kidd's job. With the Mavericks fading against the Suns, Barea lead a 10-point run in the fourth quarter. Barea light up the place and the Dallas fans loved the passion. Look for Barea to move from "co-starter" to starter by season's end if the trend continues.


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