Dolphins vs. Jets: 5 Predictions for Matt Moore vs. New York

Scott AltmanCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2011

Dolphins vs. Jets: 5 Predictions for Matt Moore vs. New York

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    The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are set to square off on Monday Night Football, pinning a Suck for Luck Sweepstakes participant against a playoff hopeful. 

    The Dolphins, who are currently winless, will look to 27-year-old Matt Moore to quarterback them into the win column. Moore is the 16th quarterback to start for the Dolphins since Dan Marino hung up his No. 13 uniform 12 years ago—but can he break the trend of futility?

    Probably not, but do not discard Moore. He is by no means the long-term solution for the 'Fins, but Moore is a scrappy, nifty quarterback who has the tools to, at the very least, keep this team competitive. 

    What can we expect from him against the Jets on Monday night? Here's five predictions. 

He Will Complete Double-Digit Passes to Brandon Marshall

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    Just in case you haven't heard, Brandon Marshall is pretty amped up for Monday night. Add that excitement onto the favorable matchup Marshall has, and all signs point to a big night for The Beast. 

    Marshall was Matt Moore's go-to receiver in Week 4, and that trend should only continue against the Jets. 

    It's time for Marshall to earn that $47 million contract, and it's time for the Dolphins to wake up The Beast. 

He Will Rush for at Least 40 Yards

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    If Chad Henne can rack up 112 rushing yards in three games, there's no telling how much damage Matt Moore can do. 

    The Jets' stout secondary, combined with Miami's struggling offensive line, could force Moore to scramble very often on Monday night. 

    Fortunately, Moore is a pretty mobile player. Unlike Chad Henne, he is shifty and elusive in the pocket. Moore's athleticism will come in handy against the Jets, and the statistics will likely reflect that. 

He Will Complete at Least 7 Passes to Reggie Bush

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    When the Dolphins traded for Reggie Bush in August, he promised to inject life into Miami's lethargic offense. Tony Sparano vowed to utilize Bush's freakish athleticism in the passing game and make him a potent weapon for the 'Fins. 

    However, after five weeks, Bush has only 13 receptions and is currently the NFL's worst rated tailback. 

    Bush, Tony Sparano and Chad Henne are all at fault for these disappointing numbers, but Matt Moore could help reverse the woes on Monday night. Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess are facing difficult matchups, so Bush should be a frequented target for Moore. 

Moore Will Complete a Deep Pass of at Least 35 Yards to Clyde Gates

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    Rookie Clyde Gates is like an active volcano just waiting to explode. He has absolutely lethal speed, but he's still very raw and hasn't been given many opportunities to play thus far. 

    During the preseason, we saw Gates simply sprint behind opposing secondaries, and it's time for the Dolphins' coaching staff to give him some more snaps. 

    With Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess squaring off against Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis, Matt Moore will need to rely on his second-tier receiving options. Gates poses a serious problem for New York's suspect safeties, and Moore should expose that mismatch. 

Moore Will Keep the Score Close on Monday Night

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    Matt Moore has the necessary skills to keep the Dolphins competitive against an overrated Jets squad, but will the coaching staff let him play freely, or keep him shackled down?

    Hopefully the latter, but Tony Sparano is so prudent and risk-averse that it's difficult to tell. However, because Moore is something of a gunslinger who can move around the pocket and extend plays with his feet, we can only assume that Sparano and Daboll will structure the game plan around Moore. 

    If this is the case, then there's little reason to believe Moore can't keep the Dolphins close to the Jets. New York's offense has struggled mightily this season, and a healthy Daniel Thomas should significantly bolster Miami's offensive efficiency. 

    Moreover, the 'Fins defeated the Jets in their last three trips up to the Meadowlands.