Cal Ripken Jr., Nolan Ryan and 40 Most Overrated Baseball Players of All Time

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Cal Ripken Jr., Nolan Ryan and 40 Most Overrated Baseball Players of All Time

Get ready to fire off your comments telling me I don't know sports and questioning how I could pick a specific baseball player or players as overrated considering their contributions to the game. I'll certainly be giving you plenty of opportunities during this slideshow.

There are a good number of Hall of Famers represented here, so how can they can be considered overrated?

The thing that needs to be kept in mind is that in order to be considered an "overrated" player, it means you have to be pretty darn good in the first place.

So by ranking them in this list, I am not in any way saying that they weren't great.

Rather, I am saying that just maybe they are remembered as being a greater player than what their stats actually represent.

There are a number of reasons that a player can be remembered and celebrated with such a degree of hype to lead to him being overrated.

Maybe it's the overexposure of media coverage and advertising endorsements that leads us to believe he is a better player than another player who might just not be as marketable or personable.

Perhaps he had a singular great season or historical moment that skews our memory of that player's career as a whole.

Perhaps it's just the longevity of his career that afforded him the opportunities to amass some impressive statistics indicating he was an all-time great, yet he never really dominated during any single season throughout his career.

For the most part, I avoided current players. While it's not that I think there aren't over-hyped and overrated players right now, it's hard to judge how their careers will ultimately be remembered while not being able to account for the unknown futures they may hold.

If I happen to mention your favorite player or a hometown hero, I mean no disrespect. Try to view this strictly as an entertainment piece and an open forum to discuss why we view these players as overrated, justly or unjustly.

These are not ranked in order from 40 down to 1. They are listed in alphabetical order by first name. This is not to say I did not want to put in the time of ranking them; it's more a realization that there is no possible order I could create that would appease even a small portion of the people that will read this list.

If you disagree with me about a particular player (or more), that's fine. Please comment below and explain why you feel a certain player is not overrated.

I'm happy to respond to any comments that are treated respectfully.

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