Texans vs. Ravens: Houston CB Roc Carmichael Talks Week 6 With B/R

Thomas EmerickSenior WriterOctober 16, 2011

Houston Texans cornerback Rashad “Roc” Carmichael joined me on the “Outside the Pocket” NFL podcast to discuss his team’s Week 6 contest in Baltimore, making the transition to the pros and managing a shoulder injury. Click play above for the full interview.

B/R: In training camp, did you get to go 1-on-1 with Andre Johnson at all?

RC: When I got drafted that was pretty much the first thing that I actually thought about, was would I get to go up, practicing, against one of the best receivers in the league today. And when I went out to practice I didn’t hold back. …The first couple times I actually got to go against him, I kind of injured his finger.

It was a big thing on ESPN early in the preseason he had hurt his finger, and I was the guy actually checking him on that play.  …He was cool about it, “You’re just doing your job, trying to work hard.” But in my mind I was like, “I hurt Andre Johnson, that’s a big mistake.” …Just being able to learn from a guy like that, like I said one of the best receivers today, I feel honored.”

B/R: Houston Texans coming off a tough loss last week, what’s different being in a pro locker room after a loss like that?

RC: The difference is that it’s pro, it’s professional, so there are pros at every position. Guys know immediately what they did wrong, and what we need to do to fix. …There’s not too many guys with heads hanging low. ...The coaches really don’t have to say too much, there’s a leader at every position. …In college, guys will take a loss and kind of take it pretty hard. On this level, so many games and it’s a long season, so you just want to come back and be stronger and be ready and try to make a run for your division.

B/R: Your team going up against the Ravens this week, what about Baltimore’s offense do you think presents the greatest threat?

RC: The biggest threat would definitely be their receiving corps, and their quarterback and Rice. …Rice is definitely (involved in) about 70-80 percent of their offense, catches the ball a lot out of the backfield, they even line him up at receiver a couple times and just try to get him in space with a linebacker, try to get a mismatch because he’s a good athlete.

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