Pipebomb No. 5: CM Punk Is Here for the Long Haul; Get Used to It

Kenny McKnightContributor IIIOctober 16, 2011

CM Punk is the real deal. I know that many fans have decided that WWE is trying to bury CM Punk given he was defeated in his last two pay per view outings, but I see things very differently.

CM Punk has carved his way into the WWE from his beginning in ECW, where he was pegged by many as the only new superstar in ECW that would have been a perfect fit in the original promotion. The reaction to CM Punk at his ECW debut against Justin Credible was electric. He has all the skills necessary to make it to the top and the drive to keep him there.

When CM Punk cut the now infamous worked shoot promo on Raw this past summer, many people jumped on his bandwagon, feeling that Punk had decided to just do whatever he wants. One thing we need to realize is that the fact that he was able to do that promo is all because WWE realized the potential that CM Punk has and was willing to take a chance like that to do what they had to do in order to get him to stay.

Vince McMahon does not like to spend money on something or on someone without getting it back tenfold. WWE has invested significant time and money into CM Punk since June, keeping him in prominent roles on TV and even paying to get him a new entrance theme. CM Punk is a project right now for WWE to see if he can become the next big thing, and so far, it is working out well.

CM Punk gets a strong reaction everywhere he goes, and he knows how to push buttons to get reactions. Not even Steve Austin was able to make the comments about the WWE and the McMahon family that CM Punk has made. It’s all because the WWE has faith in him. 

I know that some people worry that WWE will soon bury punk as punishment for holding out so long to sign a contract, but he is not the first person to get ahead in WWE by voicing his frustration with his spot. Bret Hart was ready to quit the WWE when he was finally paired up with Jim Neidhart. Shawn Michaels was never shy about his frustrations with his position, and his willingness to stand up to Vince is a large part of why he is considered the greatest of all time.

CM Punk has likely earned Vince’s respect by standing up to him and the WWE and telling the company that he deserves to be the top guy.

Sure, CM Punk has not really been in the WWE Title picture since Summerslam, but his angle with Triple H has eaten up far more TV Time than Cena and Del Rio have.

Punk has also proven to be one of the top merchandise sellers in WWE, outselling John Cena in the 13-34 male demographic. His shirts have been selling out in virtually every arena Raw has been to. CM Punk merchandise has been running out of stock on WWEshop.com. Vince has noticed this, and as a businessman, I am willing to bet that he is going to ride this wave with Punk for as long as he can.

If the fans love CM Punk, Vince McMahon will love CM Punk. And as long as McMahon loves CM Punk, he will remain a top guy in the company. Disagree and doubt if you must, but look at the facts, and you’ll have to admit that CM Punk is here to stay.