Miam Dolphins: Biggest Winners and Losers from Monday Night Showdown with Jets

J FCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2011

Miam Dolphins: Biggest Winners and Losers from Monday Night Showdown with Jets

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    Monday Night Football hasn't been all that great so far in 2011 and the most recent episode featuring the Jets and Dolphins is a clear example of the lack of excitement.

    No, it's not because Hank Williams Jr. doesn't pop up on our TV screens prior to kickoff, it's because the content of the games themselves have been weak.

    Now that a few days have passed since New York's domination of the Dolphins, let's take a look at the winners and losers from the AFC East showdown.

Winner: Darrelle Revis

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    Revis raised his interception total to three after picking off Matt Moore, twice on Monday night.

    He stopped a Dolphins scoring chance with an interception at the goal line and returned it all the way for the touchdown, tying a franchise record.

    It was also the third longest in MNF history, if that counts for anything.

Loser: Matt Moore

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    I'll start off by saying that Matt Moore is very fortunate that he has no one to compete with for his job because otherwise he certainly wouldn't have any security after his ugly MNF performance.

    He didn't even complete half of his passes and couldn't manage a single score.

    Both of his two picks landed softly on Revis Island and one was returned 100 yards for a touchdown.

Winner: Brandon Marshall

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    Marshall made the most out of a bad situation as he still eclipsed 100 yards receiving amid a poor outing for his quarterback. Not to mention that Darrelle Revis was watching over him.

    He may have made a few mistakes, but given the circumstances I'd say he was one of the only winners on the Dolphins sideline that night.

Loser: Tony Sparano

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    Everyone seems to think that Tony Sparano is on the hot seat this season and if he wasn't before, he definitely is now.

    He made several conservative calls in a game where the Fins couldn't afford to play it safe. His game plan was highly ineffective and the majority of Miami fans are calling for his execution.

    It was just another loss for the winless Dolphins and their apparent loser of a head coach.