BCS Rankings Week 8: 10 Teams That Got Screwed in AP, USAT Polls

Sean LansingContributor IOctober 16, 2011

BCS Rankings Week 8: 10 Teams That Got Screwed in AP, USAT Polls

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    When the first round of BCS rankings are revealed tonight, there is sure to be plenty of debate. 

    Before the computers get their crack at throwing the college football world into disarray, coaches and writers get their chance.

    Seven weeks into the 2011 season, there are still a lot of surprises in the AP and USAT Polls. 

    Here are 10 teams that are still ranked lower than they should be. 

Kansas State

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    At 6-0, all Bill Snyder's team has done is win.

    Despite their perfect record, there are still seven teams ranked ahead of them in the USAT poll.

    The Wildcats will get the chance to prove they're for real in two weeks when they host Oklahoma. 


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    The Cougars (No. 20 in USAT poll; 21 in AP) are 6-0, and fans in Houston are wondering why they're not getting the same respect as fellow BCS Buster Boise State (No. 7). 

    The only real difference between the Broncos and the Cougars is a Boise win over Georgia, but Kevin Sumlin's squad is still buried at the bottom of both rankings. 

Penn State

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    At 6-1, Penn State has the same record as conference-mates Illinois and Michigan, and they actually have one more victory than 5-1 Michigan State. 

    Even though the Nittany Lions lone loss came against BCS front-runner Alabama, they are stuck behind the above-mentioned teams in the USAT poll, and they aren't even ranked in the AP Top 25.  


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    After back-to-back losses against Boise State and South Carolina to start the season, Mark Richt's Bulldogs have run off five straight victories in college football's toughest conference. 

    Georgia's win streak hasn't been enough to convince voters.

    The Bulldogs failed to crack the USAT poll again this week. 


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    The Scarlet Knights are 5-1, and their only loss came against 5-2 North Carolina by two points.

    With only one Big East team (West Virginia) ranked in either poll, is it time for another? 

West Virginia

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    Except for No. 1 LSU, the Mountaineers have run through their schedule with ease on the way to a 5-1 record. 

    Despite West Virginia's success, they have been unable to crack the Top 10 in either poll since falling to the Tigers. 

Oklahoma State

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    The Cowboys have the same record as Stanford while playing a tougher schedule, and they are still stuck behind the Cardinal in both polls.

    As long as the Pokes continue their run, they'll have nothing to worry about if they can beat Oklahoma in Bedlam. 


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    The Sooners are No. 1 in the USAT poll, yet they are just third in the AP Top 25.

    There are a number of late-season marquee matchups in November and December that will work things out, but for now, the Sooners have a right to be angry. 


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    This is the Oklahoma situation in reverse. 

    The Tigers are No 1. in the AP poll, but they are second in the Coaches Poll. 

    While it's not a big deal just yet, it has to be maddening for the LSU faithful. 

Notre Dame

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    For a team that came into the season with a high ranking and a lot of hype, it's surprising that four straight wins haven't gotten them back into either poll. 

    If the Irish can beat USC next week, don't expect their absence to last.