Mets Won't Putz Around, K-Rod is Their First Choice

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IDecember 5, 2008

According to, The New York Mets' first choice is Francisco Rodriguez and not merely because he passes his 27th birthday next month. Younger, more accomplished and seemingly more ready to embrace a hire-wire role in a big market, K-Rod is what the Mets see. And the only reason they haven't pushed more to this point is that they have seen no reason to do so.

They don't want to extend an offer and be the ones to establish the first parameter of the K-Rod market, according to

The Mets don't anticipate returning from Vegas with Putz, or any other closer, for that matter, on their roster. They view Putz and free agent Brian Fuentes are comparables and not merely because each has passed his 30th birthday. Neither is comparable, in the Mets' view, to Francisco Rodriguez.