The Yankees are in a bad position for starting pitching...

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IDecember 4, 2008

The days of the Yankees getting what they want, might be over. Today, Jason Stark of  ESPN is saying that CC Sabathia might be loured in by the San Francisco Giants.

The Yankees thought that they had CC in their back pockets with their $140 million deal. It appears that Sabathia is true to his word by saying he wants to be on the West Coast. If the Giants do get him, the rotation will be a interesting one. They would have Sabathia, Cain, Lincecum, Zito, and Sanchez. It's not bad especially if Zito rebounds.

The Angels are very interested in Sabathia and have made him a prime target over Mark Teixeria, for right now. The problem is that CC might feel more comfortable in the National League after his success with the Brewers. I guess you can say pitching to eight (pitcher hitting) is better than pitching to nine (DH).

The Yankees are also having other problems with Andy Pettitte, who has already been in contact with Joe Torre and might be Hollywood bound. They also did not offer him any arbitration, so they will not get compensation if he goes elsewhere.

The Moose, Mike Mussina, has retired after winning 20 games, so you can't count on him.

The Braves are in motion after they acquired Javier Vazquez and now are looking to ink another Yankees target, AJ Burnett. They are in the process of offering the oft injured RHP, five years for $80 million. The Yankees are very hesitant to give five years to Burnett.

The Yankees will certainly be in competition of the services of Derek Lowe, who the Mets and Red Sox have interest in. It might be noted, that he might go back to his old team, the Red Sox. That will be another slap in the Yankees' faces.

So where will the Yankees go for pitching? Will they give the Padres the prospects they need for Jake Peavy? That might not be a wise thing to do because it would leave a glaring hole in their farm system, which they cannot afford.

The Yankees might have to rely on Wang, Chamberlain, Hughes, and Kennedy as their front four in the rotation. It could be another repeat in the Bronx. Let it be dearly noted that I am heartbroken over the mess in the Bronx.