Stone Cold Returns To The Ring At Wrestlemania XXV?? Who Does He Face???

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IDecember 5, 2008

The rumors are running rampid about a possible return to the ring for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 25.  While it is almost certain he will at least make an appearance, the interest level will increase if he actually wrestles in a match.  So who would Austin face?  Here are five superstars that I think should be considered for a potential match with Austin.


Randy Orton

Randy Orton has gone away from the "legend killer" moniker recently.  What better way to bring the character back then by facing a living legend in "Stone Cold".  We got a bit of a tease when Orton and Austin went at it during the match between Chris Jericho and Batista at this year's Cyber Sunday. 

Austin was voted the special guest referee and was unintentionally knocked down by Batista.  When he recovered he was attacked by Orton who in turn received a "Stunner" after Austin recovered. The WWE could use this run-in with each other as build up to the match.

Another interesting twist could be a battle of the finishers.  The "RKO" and the "Stone Cold Stunner" are very similar finishing moves.  The difference is that Austin drops to his knees to deliver the "stunner" while Orton falls to his back to deliver the "RKO".  Either one could play on the storyline of their finisher being better than the other's.  This would be an intriguing match for the 25th edition of "Mania". 


Shawn Michaels 

This would be a rematch of Wrestlemania XIV in which Austin and Michaels went one-on-one with Mike Tyson being the "special enforcer".  Austin won the match and in turn ushered in the "Attitude Era".  This would be a matchup of two future hall of famers at the twilight of their career (I guess technically Austin is semi-retired). 

It would be a great "swan song" for Michaels as rumors of his retirement have been swirling in edition to an opportunity to avenge the loss from 11 years ago. 

A good way to build the feud up would be Michaels using the fact that he had a severe back injury and wasn't 100 percent for the match at 'Mania' 14.  Michaels would then go on to say how he would love the opportunity to settle the score with Austin now that he is much healthier.  There would be no excuses and would settle once and for all who the greatest superstar of the "attitude era" is. 


The Rock 

I know this scenario is unlikely since the Rock has gone Hollywood.  Could there be a chance that "The Great One" would give us one more match for the all important 25th anniversary of "The Granddaddy Of Them All"?  Who better then his arch-nemesis who he has previously battled in three other Wrestlemania's? 

Austin has a 2-1 advantage over The Rock at Wrestlemania.  The Rock could return on the premise that he wants to even up the series with Austin.  Even better make it a best 2 out of 3 falls match and have a clear winner of the series.  It would be entertaining to watch. 


Vince McMahon 

Arguably one of the best feuds of all-time would be renewed if Vince and Austin were to go head up one more time.  Now this wouldn't be the most appealing wrestling match but who cares! 

Vince returns to WWE television weeks before Mania and lays out the challenge to Austin.  He's tired of hearing that Austin got the better of him during their battles.  He "Guarn-Damn-Tees" that he will beat Austin at Wrestlemania....

And he will do it in Hell In A Cell!! 


Hulk Hogan

You have to believe that Hulk Hogan will have some involvement in Wrestlemania.  Hell he was in the main event of the first eight or nine.  Though Shawn Michaels calls himself "Mr. Wrestlemania" couldn't Hogan make a claim to that title as well?  (So could The Undertaker but that's another story). 

This is the dream match that everyone wanted to see a few years back and a match that most wrestling fans still want to see.  It was supposed to go down at Wrestlemania X8 but Austin and Hogan could not agree on the outcome of the match. Hogan ended up going against The Rock and Austin faced Scott Hall.

The above scenario could be the premise for the match.  Hogan states that Austin took the easy way out at Wrestlemania X8 so he faced the lesser opponent in Hall.  Austin was afraid of the power of Hulkamania...and still is!!  Hogan challenges Austin to a match to determine who's era was most dominate. Of all the scenarios, this is the one I would love to see the most! 


Some Other Possible Opponents 

Triple H 

The Undertaker 

JBL (I hope not) 

Chris Jericho


If Austin returns to the ring at Wrestlemania who would you like to see him face?  Let me know in the comments section.