The Rams Get a Moral Uplift While The Rest Of The NFC West Gets Wierder

john dmytrukCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

Usually, when I write about football, it is about the Rams.  Well, today I decided to look at the weak NFC West.  Besides, how much more you can beat up on the Rams' owners and management?

That and we my have a race for division heating up. 

The Rams' defense showed up on Sunday, now if only the offense would show. Even though the Rams lost to the Dolphins, they did stop them from making the game a blowout by holding the Dolphins to three field goals. While the Rams' offense had their own Red Zone woes, the Dolphins could only manage one touchdown against the defense- challenged Rams.

Meanwhile, one has has to wonder if Steven Jackson replaced Marshall Faulk as the heart and soul of this team.

The big news, though, was the 49'ers came east to Buffalo, and won.  Remember just over two weeks ago, and how the Cardinals would wrap up the division?  Many thought this way because the three other teams had only two wins each.  Now the 49'ers can win the division if they run the table.  Three of their remaining four opponents would be against stronger playoff bound teams.

On the otherhand, the Cardinals have an easier task.  They can loose three of their upcoming games and still win the division.  To sum it all up, one 49'er loss, and the division belongs to the Cardinals sooner then later.