MVPujols, MVPedroia; Are They The MVP's Of Your '09 Fantasy Rosters?

Shanan H.Analyst IDecember 5, 2008

The MVP's this year were Albert Pujols and Dustin Pedroia.  We can't change that.  But, do we respect these two players enough to invite them to our fantasy rosters? 

Albert Pujols will have another outstanding year this year, and should be your number one pick.  He performs year-round, not just first half or September, and rarely slumps.  He also is rarely injured, and bounces back from injury fast.

His stats are extraordinary; a .357 average, nearly 40 homers, and 116 RBI.  Expect yet another year just like this from Pujols in '09.  And if his team does very well this year, those stats may look even better.

I'll admit it, I hate Pedroia, however, he did have a great year.  He won a gold glove, and the scrappy second baseman hit .326.  I found a new stat I love to look at...The Power-Speed number.

Siezmore was the best.

Pedroia was eighth. 

Pedroia isn't known for his power, but I still would expect him to beat Alex Rios and Torii Hunter in that stat.  He hit 17 homers. 

I say, wait on Pedroia, or don't get him at all.  Go for maybe Dan Uggla.  He is another good, young, second baseman, who will most likely not be drafted until after Pujols and a few good pitchers leave, whereas your friends will take Pedroia first or second round.

Let Pujols play, wait on Pedroia.