Ron Zook and the Most Boneheaded Coaches in College Football

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2011

Ron Zook and the Most Boneheaded Coaches in College Football

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    Ron Zook was beaten today by an Ohio State team that completed only one pass. 

    Not the first time Zook has been out-coached.

    His Fighting Illini came into the game undefeated and ranked in the Top 20 in the country. They leave the game wondering how they lost to a team that could not pass.  

    The Illinois loss to Ohio State got us thinking. Who are the most boneheaded coaches in college football?

    Here is the short list. 

Jimbo Fisher

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    Jimbo Fisher can recruit with the best of them—there is no doubt about that.

    Since he became the Florida State head coach, he has been one of the best recruiters in the country. 

    The problem is that Fisher can never live up to expectations and has trouble winning the big game. 

    The Seminoles had National Championship hopes coming into this season but were unable to manage all of their talent once again, and are now unranked. 

Rick Neuheisel

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    Rick Neuheisel has been living on the hot seat seemingly since he arrived at UCLA. 

    He has also successfully taken the UCLA program to the bottom of the Pac-12. 

    Neuheisel came to UCLA after four consecutive seasons in Washington.

    He has been nothing but a disappointment since he arrived at his alma mater.

    The UCLA defense has not been able to stop anybody recently, and that can be attributed to Neuheisel.  

Les Miles

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    What is a list of coaches who make boneheaded mistakes without Les Miles?

    Miles has had his fair share of success at LSU, but that has been overshadowed by his dumb decisions. 

    He is often eating grass on the sidelines, and who can forget the debacle against Ole Miss nearly two years ago, when LSU looked like they had never run a two-minute drill in their lives?

    Didn't Miles call for the spike?

    I'm sure he has led many LSU fans to drink their way through some games.  

Ron Zook

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    What ever happened to taking the points?

    That is what most fans were thinking when Zook decided to go for the first down on 4th-and-3 instead of kicking a field goal to cut the deficit to 17-10 against Ohio St. 

    After Illinois failed on fourth down, the game was over and Illinois had been beaten by a team that only completed one pass throughout the whole game. 

    This was just another game in the saga of Zook, who is a great recruiter but cannot coach for the life of him. 

    Even knowing Ohio St. could not throw, Illinois was unable to take advantage of it, and Zook was out-coached by a man who himself is on this list, Luke Fickell. 

Luke Fickell

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    Picking on a coach who has only coached seven games and is in a high-pressure situation may be a little harsh, but I think all Buckeye fans can attest to the clock management shortcomings of Fickell. 

    The Miami loss was a perfect example, as Fickell decided not to use his timeouts with Ohio St. trailing late in the fourth quarter. 

    Maybe he will grow and mature into a decent coach, but for now Fickell is still making some boneheaded coaching decisions every Saturday.