Dear Diary, It's Tim Duncan: An Intimate Look into the Mind of the Spurs Center

Michael JCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

Dear Diary,

Pop suggested I get a diary to express my actual feelings. He thinks if I just let loose a little bit and express myself without worrying about my reputation, it will help me grow as an athlete and a person.

I resisted the temptation to tell him he looks homeless with that beard. I think he finally rented The Fugitive on his Netflix and decided to look for inspiration for his look from Harrison Ford.

The season's been going OK, considering that Manu decided to be a "team player" by hurting himself in the Olympics. Thanks, Manu. Enjoy your bronze medal, jerkoff.

I had sex with Eva Longoria. Last night. I have the video tape to prove it.

I would have laid Joey Crawford out.

David Robinson was kind of a jerk. Just saying.

I could kick David Stern's puppy and he'd still love me.

I'm really happy for Kevin Garnett finally winning a title. Good for you. It just took you 13 seasons. But, seriously congratulations on your ring. You know Malik Rose has two of them, right? Even Darko has one. But congrats. Anything is possible.

I wanted to release a rap single in which I ask Kobe how my posterior tastes. Shaq is always stealing my material.

People think the person who ratted out Mark Cuban for insider trading is anonymous. That's exactly what I want the people to think.

I'm serious about that Longoria thing.

People always ask me who the better player is between Deron Williams and Chris Paul. I always answer the same way: "Tim Duncan."

More later, Diary!