23 Hottest Reporters We Want Patrolling the NFL Sidelines

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIOctober 19, 2011

23 Hottest Reporters We Want Patrolling the NFL Sidelines

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    We all love NFL football. We love the passion, the battle on the gridiron and rooting our team on to victory.

    We love tailgating and beer and friends and having a great time on a fall afternoon.

    We love the cheerleaders and our heroes and our drive for the playoffs.

    And we love the sideline reporters!

    Yes, the ladies who walk the sidelines on television, hoping for a great interview, a scoop on a major injury or a key component that makes the game great.

    These women are pretty and classy, and of course they know their football. In other words, they aren't just another pretty face and a great body. They are fans of the game as well.

    Here is a list of 23 of the hottest reporters want want patrolling the sidelines in the NFL. Some have been on camera and have left the screen but have left an indelible impression on us. Then, there are some that take our breath away with a smile or a description of the action on the field.

Erin Andrews

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    I have her on the list simply because she does college football for ESPN, and we all would love to see her on Monday Night Football in some form or fashion.

    Yes, the NFL needs more Erin Andrews.

Jill Arrington

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    Before we were introduced to Erin Andrews, we were introduced to Jill Arrington.

    Just a side note: Both Erin and Jill both went to college in the great state of Florida.

    Jill used to work for ESPN and its college football lineup, but now she is the host of Verizon NFL Mobile Updates on FOX Sports.

    What is ESPN's loss is FOX Sports' and our gain.

Jillian Barberie Reynolds

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    Now, I will admit there are other pictures on the web that show a more revealing Jillian, but we are concentrating on her football acumen.

    Barberie was best known as the weather girl on FOX NFL Sunday. With her giving us a detailed description of how hot, cold, wet or dry it would be on game day, we all seemed to be a little better for it.

    She was also a reporter for FOX and its coverage of the Super Bowl in 2002, 2005 and 2008.

    Hopefully she will make a return to the sidelines soon.

Michelle Beisner

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    Michelle is a host and field reporter for the NFL Network.

    She’s also the host of NFL Network Now, a news program on NFL Network. She has been a reporter and has worked on NFL Quarterback Challenge and the Total Access on Location pregame show at the Super Bowl.

    One look into those eyes and I am sure most NFL players would have an issue saying "no" to an interview.

Bonnie Bernstein

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    Oh, Bonnie!

    Bonnie Bernstein has been around football for some time, having worked for ESPN and CBS.

    Bernstein also covered Super Bowl XXV and XXXVII for CBS and became the first sportscaster in history to serve as sideline reporter for both a network television and network radio as a correspondent, filing reports for CBS Sports and Westwood One Radio.

Jenn Brown

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    Born in Gainesville and raised in Orlando, Jenn Brown initially wanted to be a gymnast and compete in the Olympics.

    She holds a degree from the University of Florida and has worked as a correspondent on Inside the NFL for two seasons.

    She is currently a reporter for College GameDay, but sports fans would love to see her patrolling the sidelines for NFL games.

Colleen Dominguez

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    Colleen is the Los Angeles-based bureau reporter for ESPN and is quite knowledgeable about the goings-on of the NFL and sports in general.

    She is not limited to reporting on teams in the state of California and has worked with coverage of the NFL for ESPN.

Alex Flanagan

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    Alex Flanagan is a sideline reporter for the NFL Network.

    She also works for NBC as a reporter for Notre Dame football.

    Flanagan worked at ESPN from 2000 to 2006, where she did a weekly segment for Monday Night Countdown.

Rebecca Grant

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    Rebecca Grant was a hostess on NFL Under the Helmet on FOX and hosted Verizon Football Zone on FOX.

    I think I speak for many sports fans when I say we should see more of her on the small screen.

Lisa Guerrero

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    Oh, please bring her back!

    Lisa Guerrero was on Monday Night Football as a sideline reporter for ABC in 2003 after she left The Best Damn Sports Show Period.

    Her reporting skills and her presence on screen were heavily criticized, and she left after one season. Incidentally the ratings for the show dropped to lower than before she arrived.

    Talk about being an influence on American culture.

Kara Henderson

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    Kara is a woman who has her hands in many projects on the NFL Network.

    She does sideline reports for a variety of shows across the network, including NFL Total AccessAround the League, NFL GameDay Morning and NFL GameDay Final.

    She is someone you most definitely want to have around if you need the important questions asked about your favorite team.

Cassidy Hubbarth

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    As part of the ESPN college football team, we have an opportunity to see Cassidy Hubbarth on Saturdays.

    We would love a chance to see her on Sundays as well.

Jayne Kennedy

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    Back in the day—I mean the early 1980s—The NFL Today on CBS was one of the best pregame shows to watch.

    Great insight, great predictions, Jimmy the Greek and Jayne Kennedy.

    Kennedy was an in-studio reporter who sometimes ventured out to the game for coverage, especially at playoff time.

    She was beautiful and insightful and maybe the main reason men watched the show.

    She had to be added.

Suzy Kolber

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    ESPN and Monday Night Football love Suzy Kolber.

    So does Joe Namath.

    Kolber is pretty and smart and knows her football. As a sideline reporter, there are few as prepared as she is for her job.

Rachel Nichols

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    The first time I saw her, I was a fan.

    Rachel Nichols knows her sports and knows her football.

    As an in-studio host for one of the many NFL programs for ESPN or as a sideline reporter for some breaking news, there are few who can get the hard interview and ask the important questions when needed like Nichols.

Pam Oliver

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    Another one of those reporters who stun you with their knowledge.

    Oliver has been a mainstay on FOX Sports since 1995. Her knowledge of the NFL and the NBA has made her a household name in sports.

    She is so popular that she has her own dressing room in Cowboys Stadium with a name on a star on the door. Now that's respect!

Lisa Dergan Podsednik

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    A sports reporter who started out as a Playboy Playmate and then worked to establish her career.

    Lisa is married to Scott Podsednik, a baseball player most recently seen in MLB with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    She has covered major sporting events ranging from golf's U.S. Open to the Kentucky Derby to the Super Bowl for Fox Sports Net when she joined its team in 2002.

    I'd say she has done pretty well for herself.

Ines Sainz

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    This woman gets more heat for what she says, what she wears and what she does.

    Sainz caused a stir with the New York Jets and with her Super Bowl coverage.

    Sainz, known for wearing her provocative clothing and her "bubbly" personality, is someone we don't mind seeing on the sidelines.

Lindsay Soto

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    It did not take long for Lindsay Soto to carve out a nice career for herself.

    Soto joined the NFL Network in 2008 and became the anchor of NFL Total Access, a reporter for NFL Network Now and a field and in-studio reporter for NFL GameDay Morning.

    Those accolades are enough for her to make this list. Her smile just adds to it.

Melissa Stark

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    We miss you Melissa!

    Melissa Stark started at ABC Sports in 2000 and was a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football for three seasons, which included ABC's coverage of Super Bowl XXXVII.

    We sure would like to see her smile again on Monday nights.

Jenn Sterger

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    She has made a name for herself thanks to some guy who played for the Packers, Jets and Vikings.

    Jenn Sterger was a "GameDay Host" for the New York Jets in 2008 and was embroiled in controversy of an alleged incident involving Brett Favre.

    Although she is no longer with the Jets, she would be a welcome addition to any NFL team's sideline reporting.

Michele Tafoya

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    Another great Monday Night Football sideline reporter.

    Tafoya usually looks all bundled up on the sideline in some cold-weather town. Her smile lights up, though, when she gives you the important information about the teams playing, in-depth player information and what to look for during the game.

    While she is doing this, most of us have our eyes on her.

Charissa Thompson

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    In 2010, Charissa appeared on the NFL Network and its program NFL Now Updates.

    She has worked on other sporting events for Versus and ESPN. She has also co-hosted NASCAR programs with Michael Waltrip.

    Honestly, I think she should appear on more football programs and on the sidelines.