ESPN Talking Out Both Sides Of Their Mouths About Texas Longhorns, Red Raiders

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

Two things I have heard out of ESPN anchors all week is that Texas deserves it more than OU because of head-to-head. Usually in the same breath, they say Texas lost to Tech on a last second play after a grueling four-game stretch.

While that is true, and Texas does deserve a lot of credit for what they accomplished, how can you say head to head is the most important and then discount a head-to-head loss in the very next sentence?

After the OU—Tech game, I heard OU deserves to go to the big 12 title game by a few anchors on the network. Then, the next Saturday, the mantra had completely switched to "Texas deserves it more" —said every single personality I have heard on ESPN and ESPN radio. I don't know about the Mag, yet.

While I don't think either statement is an egregious error, the 180 by a few of their anchors is curious. Especially when the coaches and pollster seem to be split down the middle, why is ESPN leaning so hard one way? It obviously had an effect on the poll where OU lost quite a bit of points when they had the more impressive win of the two and beat a team on the road by more than the Longhorns beat them at home.

I do not think ESPN favors Texas but they may favor the number of viewers in Texas. There are certainly more Longhorn fans than Sooner fans and Texas is a much bigger market. Also, all media love controversy so they may be stirring it up for ratings or to help push an argument for a playoff.

They may all actually feel Texas deserves it more than OU or Tech, but to me it seems curious they are leaning so much one way when the polls and coaches are split 50-50.